Prateek G

Hyderabad, India


A Momentous Meeting

There was a homeless man who lived below Prateek’s building. He didn’t beg but simply stared at those who passed by him every day. Prateek always gave him a smile when he looked his way, but the man never smiled back.

One day Prateek decided to get a chocolate for the man when he went shopping for his own groceries. Slowly, he built a habit of giving a chocolate to the man every day. Soon the man began to return Prateek’s smile whenever he saw him.

One day, when Prateek was on his way home, he fell down and his bike fell over him. The man came rushing, picked up Prateek’s bike and helped him stand up. Prateek realized that day how doing something for someone brought peace and satisfaction to his own life in many ways!

quote-openKindness is something that never fades away, but always comes back to you.quote-close

– Edited by Soumya John

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