Yanina Llantada

Mar del Plata, Argentina


The Best Kindness Ever

Working at a remote school in Argentina made getting places challenging for Yanina. It was no different the day she was trying to be on time as she rushed to a job interview. Travelling by bus required a transfer halfway to her destination and it wasn’t long before Yanina realized she would be late for her interview. Undaunted she came up with Plan B, when she arrived at her transfer point she’d take a taxi instead of the bus.

However, Plan B had a flaw, Yanina knew she didn’t have enough money for the fare, but she continued anyway. There was only one taxi at the stop and just as she got there, a man who’d been on her bus opened the door. Since he had gotten there first, Yanina graciously told him to take the taxi though it would make her even later for her interview. He suggested they share the cab but it became apparent they were actually travelling in opposite directions. Surprisingly, he insisted that they share the cab. Yanina insisted she pay her portion of the fare. The man asked why she was in such a rush and she explained about her hopes for a new job.

Upon arriving, Yanina offered the money she had but instead of accepting it, the man told her to go and take it as a sign of good luck. All Yanina found out about him was his first name, Marcos.

quote-openHe kind of kicked me out of the cab. I could only ask his name, Marcos. It was the best act of kindness I ever experienced. I really believe he was sent to me…He paid twice the price to take me on time to my interview and he didn’t even know me. And… I got the job!quote-close

Yanina believed that it would all work out and sometimes Plan B just needs a kind stranger in the right place at the right time to make the pieces all fall into place. Allowing others to be kind to us is one of the greatest gifts we can give and receive.

– Edited by Jewel Fries

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