I’d like to share a great email a friend of Life Vest Inside sent my way. I must tell all of you that your words of inspiration and the way you reach out truly inspires me and gives me the energy I need to keep on going. I’m putting everything I have into Life Vest Inside and knowing that there are people out there making a change for better, makes every moment worthwhile!


I wish I could share all of the amazing emails I receive. A thank you goes out to Antoni from Indonesia for his heart felt email. Keep doing what you’re doing and you in turn will inspire others to follow your lead!


Hi Orly, 

How are you?

You know what? Last night me and some of my friends watched “One Day” movie from Life Vest Inside and after we watched that movie, we made a decision to help everyone that we meet no matter who they are. And it’s really amazing because one by one some of my friend, including me, already did a little kindness to other people who need help, even though they didn’t ask for help….:) and it’s such a beautiful moment 🙂



Denpasar-Bali, Indonesia