Life Vest Inside Kindness Flash Mob

at Times Square

By Tory Dube

Life Vest Inside’s first flash mob hit the streets Sunday, June 10th with over 60 dancers brightly adorned in LVI’s signature orange and oversized smiles. The flash mob intended to draw attention to the organization, as well as just simply bring some happiness into the lives of those who witnessed. Choreographed by Bobbie Beyda and Tory Dube, the group managed to catch the attention of hundreds as they boogied to K’Naan’s Wavin’ Flag; a song chosen to represent the idea that everyone should be proud of who they are and ‘wave’ it with honor. At the conclusion of the performance, Orly Wahba, CEO of Life Vest Inside, stood center of the crowd and waved LVI’s big, glorious flag as the crowd cheered.

The support of Orly’s and Life Vest’s community was overwhelming. So many mothers, daughters, cousins, friends, neighbors and even strangers came out to support and dance.

Gabriela Gómez Ojeda, a Facebook fan of Life Vest Inside, had been so moved by Orly’s ‘Kindness Boomerang’ film that she travelled from New Jersey and carried her one-year-old child on her back in a carrier as they both performed!

As with any flash mob, the event only lasted a mere five minutes but numerous onlookers stuck around after the performance to ask questions and inquire about the organization. Orly and dancers handed out Acts of Kindness Cards, gave free hugs and made some new friends amongst the busy streets of Manhattan. From numerous countries such as Pakistan, Australia, Mexico, India, Brazil and more, LVI supporters have contacted Wahba to organize his/her own Life Vest Inside flash mob. There have even been branches of Life Vest Inside started around the world along with the many Kindness Ambassadors who continue to spread the message!

Special thanks to Damian Santucci from the Times Square Alliance for granting permission for the flash mob as well as Faustino and his amazing Peruvian Band for providing the music! Catch Faustino and his band in NYC on 45th street and Broadway over the weekends.

Tory Dube is a writer, performer and happy humanitarian originally from NH. She is currently publishing her first children’s book that will benefit Life Vest Inside.