This past week, I emailed Life Vest Inside volunteers asking them to send me their feedback about our Kindness Mission Day in which we painted for Habitat for Humanity. I received one of the most touching and heartfelt emails that not only made my day, it made my year! I’d like to share it with you.

Thank you Estee for your beautiful words – they mean more than you know…

When Orly Wahba asked me to write a review of the day I spent volunteering for habit for humanity I could of written wonderful things about the day I spent painting and getting dirty to bring a smile to the faces of dancers at the non-profit. However I’ve decided to write about Orly and what it means to be a beacon of kindness. 

Orly, from the first moment u meet her is a moving example of her message of spreading kindness. When she approached me, our first meeting, she eloped me in a hug. She greeted every volunteer with a smile and genuine interest in whatever they had to say, firing away questions and bringing smiles to everyone eavesdropping. With Orly, we became a team, interacting together, all strangers coming together for a common goal.

While I left my day feeling tired from all the painting, what I really learnt was how much we can learn from Orly, the living example of spreading kindness and smiles. It made me realize how we could all be a bit like Orly, all reach out to someone a bit more, all show interest in something beyond our lives. Our day of kindness taught me that beyond dedicating time to volunteer, we can spread the kindness through the simplest of acts throughout our day with only a little effort. 

Thank you so much! Have a great day!

Estee Salem 



An email like this one just goes to show you the power of words. Estee, you’re words have filled me with the energy I need to continue doing what I do.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart!