Mental health and the importance of having a kind and positive mindset has become one of the most important things to come out of the social media age and the 21st century as a whole. As people have become more aware of how important self-care and positive mental health is, there has been more talk around how to improve your own personal mental health. In this piece, we are going to give you twenty ways to improve your own personal mental health by creating a kind and positive personal mindset. We hope these tips will help you improve and maintain your mental wellbeing.

Tip #1: Trust in the Process
A cliché sentiment, yes. But a true one. Everything happens for a reason and it is healthy to remind yourself of this every day. Trust that all things will work out for good eventually and that the process is there for a reason. Trust in the process.

Tip #2: Be Grateful
It is important to take the little opportunities you get to be grateful for what you have. I find that journaling helps me stay grateful every day, but everyone has different ways that they express themselves. Find a way to stay grateful.

Tip #3: Stop Placing Limits on Yourself & Self-Sabotaging
Try to say no to yourself less. Do not put caps on your ability or limits on what you allow yourself to believe. Let go of the beliefs and actions which may have led you to sabotage your own happiness in the past and allow yourself to achieve your full potential by allowing yourself to think beyond what you have achieved or been in the past.

Tip #4: Place Value on the Mistakes You’ve Made & Lessons You’ve Learned
Life comes with lessons, and everybody makes mistakes. Rather than beating yourself up about the mistakes you have made in the past; it is important to value those mistakes and understand that they have made you into the person you are today.

Tip #5: Visualize what you want in Life and for your Future
Think about what you want to achieve in life and how you want your life to look two, five, and ten years from now. Are you on the right path to achieve those things? Harris Honda, a lifestyle journalist at Britstudent and Australia2write, said, “Visualise what you want to achieve and be determined to get there.”

Tip #6: Unplug and Unwind
It is very easy to get caught up in the world of technology and never ‘switch off’. Turn off your phone for a day and unplug your mind from the constant bombardment of information.

Tip #7: Be Kind to Yourself
This comes similarly to allowing yourself to learn from your mistakes. Don’t beat yourself up over silly little things and be kind to yourself when you don’t get things right all the time.

Tip #8: Think Positive
Easier said than done, right? Do your best to redirect negative thoughts and keep your mind on a positive track as much as possible.

Tip #9: Consistently believe that something good is coming
Darren McLain, a psychology writer at Oritingwritings and 1day2write, noted, “This one is similar to thinking positive, but slightly more nuanced. This is about hope. Even when things are all going wrong, try and imagine something good is right around the corner. ”

Tip #10: Take Trips Outside of your Comfort Zone
Try something new, eat a different flavour of ice cream, go to a different restaurant, or travel somewhere new.

Tip #11: Own up to your own life
Take full ownership and responsibility for every part of your life. Don’t ever shift responsibility or blame.

Tip #12: Control the Controllable
There is no point stressing out about things that you have no control over. And similarly, there is no point sitting about feeling sad about a situation that you do have control over if you do nothing about it.

Tip #13: Find the Silver Lining
With every cloud there is a silver lining. You just need to look for it.

Tip #14: Believe you are Ready for More
In order to move forward in your life, you need to remind yourself to actually take the next step. Don’t stay comfortable. Believe you are ready for more in your life.

Tip #15: Look to Conquer Things Head-On
Don’t shy away from challenges in life. It is important to take things on with confidence.

Tip #16: Meditation
Meditation soothes the mind, body, and soul. This will keep your whole being centred.

Tip #17: Pep Yourself Up
Pep talks aren’t for everyone, but keeping a little self-affirmation in your routine, or including a mantra in your mornings will help keep your head up on the down days.

Tip #18: Try out a Growth Mindset
Part of positive thinking is all about seeing growth in all that you do. Understand that everything happens for a reason and see all that happens as a growing process.

Tip #19: Be honest with yourself
Gone are the youthful days of ignorance. Be truthful with yourself about your feelings and emotions; it will do you well in the long run.

Tip #20: Live Well
Happy body, happy mind. Treat your body like a temple. It is meant to be taken care of. Your physical and mental wellbeing are very interconnected, and it is important to take care of all different aspects of yourself at all times to maintain a positive lifestyle.

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