With all the things going on in today’s world, all the unexpected curveballs, and the negative vibes lurking around the corner, Life Vest Inside wants to contribute a little kindness game to help brighten many people’s day.

Get it. Do It. Pass It. Each AOK deck comes with 26 different Acts of Kindness cards which is a great and exciting opportunity for people to incorporate kindness into their daily lives.

When you see a person doing an act of kindness, you pass this card onto them, allowing that person to know that you appreciate his or her deeds and that you are inspired by the action. That person will look for another kind act and pass the card on to keep the kindness going.

AOK cards raise our awareness to what kindness looks like and help us see the opportunities that surround us on a daily basis to brighten another person’s day. AOK serves as a reminder that small things can actually make a big difference!

Did you know that by being kind to others can make you happier and more satisfied in life? Let us keep that positivity on the loop!

Get the AOK deck now or give it to someone and help proliferate kindness! Order yours today!

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