"The greatest gift we can give to another is simply to see them."

~Orly Wahba

Kindness Talks

Inspire and empower your audience to take action and make a change. Invite Life Vest Inside Founder, Orly Wahba, to your business, school or community center for a one of a kind talk bound to stir up a great deal of positivity. Your audience members will be left with the motivation and tools they need to start giving back in their own way.

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“When you’re faced with a choice, choose to inspire, choose to empower, choose to stand for those who have lost the will to stand for themselves.”~Orly Wahba

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"Orly’s message to the audience was compelling, impactful, sincere and authentic. She has the unique ability to “dazzle” audience members with her powerful message with her incredible enthusiasm, dedication, and energy.”Michael Rouse, President/Executive Director, ESF Camps

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Orly's Talks

Orly can customize presentations for a variety of audiences - from preschoolers to adult professionals; from schools, to companies to religious associations.

Developing the Kindness Muscle

(this talk can be adjusted to address audiences of all ages)
Orly shares her personal journey of overcoming adversity through her childhood and adolescent years and how kindness played a huge role in developing her sense of self value and self love. Orly addresses the deeper meaning of kindness and how even the smallest gesture can result in powerful connections; the greatest being a connection to oneself. Orly explains that dealing with social issues such as bullying, depression, substance abuse and violence from the “anti” approach, issues are only heightened. Through her story, she illustrates how we can prevent those said issues from materializing. “The answer is simpler than you think,” she explains.

Audience members will be left with a greater understanding of their inherent value, realizing that while we all have insecurities we all play a significant role and are an important piece of the puzzle.

Kindness Culture

(for companies)
Orly touches on how companies can incorporate a culture of kindness into the workplace atmosphere by simply shifting their perspective. While the theme of Orly's talk is focused on kindness, it is centered around self value and empowerment. During her talk, Orly shares her personal journey of overcoming adversity, how kindness played a huge role and how even the smallest gesture can result in powerful connections.

Audience members will be left with practical ways to begin making a change within both their personal and professional lives.

From Dream to Reality: The Process

(for audiences of all ages)
We’ve all have dreams of accomplishing great feats. What stops us? Orly takes you through a journey of her life. Starting as a 4-year-old dreamer who wishes of changing the world, the social obstacles she faced and the magic ingredient that changed it all around -- kindness and a bit of self-love. Audience members will take away practical advice and tools for incorporating kindness into both their personal and professional lives as well as a newfound understanding of their strengths and capabilities.

The Magic of Kindness

(for younger audiences: Nursery-5th Grade)
Orly shares her personal journey of overcoming adversity in her young childhood years; from difficulty learning to feelings of isolation from her peers. Orly shares how kindness from a teacher and her renewed sense of confidence helped her to push through and find that her greatest strength was inside of her all along. Through Orly’s short film, Kindness Boomerang, conversation and dialogue is generated from students sharing what kindness means to them and how they can begin making a change within their school and home.

Students will be left with a greater understanding of their inherent value as well as practical ways to begin making a change and a one of a kind kindness challenge from Orly.

Where Orly Has Spoken

Schools UN International School, NY / Brooklyn College, NY / Baruch College, NY / Wagner Ranch Elementary, CA / Yeshivah of Flatbush, NY / Barkai Yeshivah, NY / Morristown High School, NJ / Frelinghuysen Middle School, NJ / Vernonia Schools, Portland / Discovery Charter School, CA / Diablo Middle School, CA / Hebrew Wizards, CT / Seton Catholic Middle School, Iowa / Washington Middle School, Iowa / Emery Weiner School, Texas / Village Middle School, Texas / SAR, NY / PS 199, NY / McLoughlin Middle School, WA / Seton Catholic, WA / Our Lady of Lourdes, WA / Kingsway Christian School, WA / Grandview Prep School, FL / Saint Andrews School, FL / Valley View School, NJ / Jewish Federation of Grand Rapids, MI / Saddle Rock Elementary School, NY / Baker Elementary School, NY / Gilman School

Other Olami / TEDx TelAviv / MFA / Jewish Federation of San Diego / Aish Toronto / Erie City Mission / Gift UK / CCIU

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From schools, to companies, to community centers - Orly’s message resonates with audiences of all levels, ages and sizes.Kindness is, afterall, the common thread that unites us all.

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See Orly in Action

Video Gallery

See Orly in Action

What Others Are Saying

Thoughts from the Kindness Boomerang fans

“As a career-long educator, I have had the opportunity to hear several motivational speakers. Orly Wahba has, by far, been the most proactive and pragmatic. Orly simply brought to light how easily we collectively could change the world if we pay attention to the opportunities that are presented to us to be kind and recognize the kindness others present to us daily. Orly's engagement and challenge to the boys to be better was motivating. Because Orly is so personally charismatic, her audience is automatically drawn in and prepared to learn and grow. Her message and presentation are infectious.”

Shonique Alexander, Head of Middle School, Gilman School

“As a veteran teacher in the North Pocono School District, I have had the privilege of participating in many school assemblies. Through the years, we take bits and pieces of the noteworthy school assemblies which offer our student body with positive advice and our staff-inspiration. It’s not surprising that Orly Wahba was chosen for a TED talk presentation because she is THAT good! Her message is clear, and she covers so much ground. Addressing topics including bullying, depression, addiction, and self-worth, she comes from a place of positive. Using her own life as the scaffold for her message, she connects with each individual person in the room while addressing the entire auditorium of listeners. I am one to get “teary” during school assemblies (usually while hearing an incredibly sentimental song that connects with memory). Orly touched my heart AND soul. There’s a song by Jewel called “Hands” that is always a reminder that “In the end, only kindness matters.” It is a message that I - like many of my colleagues- value. Having Orly reinforce this message with such clarity, personality, authenticity, and passion reminds us that positive energy and care should never be pushed aside. In a world where we are surrounded by messages of negativity, hopelessness, and dread- Orly reminds us to see goodness every day. Her film, Kindness Boomerang, reflects the light of her message. One person can make a difference each day in this world. And when one chooses authentic kindness, it is a boomerang that eventually returns. Understanding that meaningfulness is at the heart of important endeavors, I thank you, Orly, for reminding us about what really matters in order to make a difference in this extraordinary world we call home.”

Christine Sepkowski, 6th grade English teacher, North Pocono School District

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