What Life Vest Inside Means to You?

Life Vest Inside embraces ALL people…period! As such, Life Vest Inside has come to mean something different and special to each person that connects with its message; a message of hope, a message of love, a message of faith in humanity and faith in ourselves. Our greatest “life vest” exists within ourselves. The more we recognize our beauty, the more readily we can recognize the beauty within others.

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Why do you LOVE Life Vest Inside?

“I have reached an unimaginable level of happiness now, all because of this organization… Kindness is a very powerful thing and it has changed my life indeed.” ~ Jeremy Swanson, Denver, Colorado USA

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“Your posts on Facebook make a big difference to me on days when business is not going as good…You should know you’re positively affecting people all around the world.” – Zalman Notik

“… You serve as an amazing inspiration to me. There have been many days lately I was unsure how I was going to get through. And then I would open up my email and find a kindness task…” – Jillian Jennings

“Orly and her vision is far beyond any technical “to do” list. What she is actually doing is making us realize that being kind is not a day or two day task, it’s not just opening a door for someone and saying I was kind. Being kind is holding a door for someone again and again, even if you don’t have a card in your hand. I can’t tell you how many amazing people I met because of this organization. You become a magnet for good people!” – Ira Ghosh, Pune, India

“Whenever I see people showing kindness, I always remember the LVI video. My passion for sharing kindness and love was ignited by that video. LVI has really made a big impact in my life and that I continue to live having a “life vest inside.” – Bless faith Santonia, Naga City, Philippines

“After I saw Kindness Boomerang a few years ago Life Vest Inside inspired me to notice and practice conscious kindness until it becomes a way of life. I wanted to act on opportunities to be kind, even outside my comfort zone. Through Life Vest Inside I’ve learned if we remember to celebrate the good and act with kindness we change the world.” – Jewel Fries, Saskatchewan, Canada

“This family has changed my life in ways that may be hard to understand. I finally feel like I have found a whole group of people who understand the deepest part of my heart. They encourage me to continue my day to day journey and recognized something within myself that even I haven’t fully recognized yet.” – Rosie Hendrix CA, USA

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“When you open your heart you may be surprised to find a piece of yourself that you have lost sight of.”

~Orly Wahba

Heart to Heart with Orly

“When you open your heart you may be surprised to find a piece of yourself that you have lost sight of.”

~Orly Wahba

Heart to Heart with Orly