This month’s theme: LEADERSHIP – Inspiring and Motivating People Towards Positive Change.

Articles of the Month

How Can You Tell You’re a Good Leader? You Motivate Others By Doing These 4 Things Daily – Leadership behaviors that consistently inspire and motivate people at the core of their human design.

What Are the Characteristics of a Good Leader? – Leaders shape our nation, communities, and organizations. We need good leaders to help guide us and make the essential large-scale decisions that keep the world moving. Our society is usually quick to identify a bad leader, but how to identify a good one? What would most people say makes a good leader?

Leadership Definition – What Is Leadership? And Can You Learn to Be a Good Leader?

“The greatest leader is not necessarily the one who does the greatest things. He is the one that gets the people to do the greatest things.”

Ronald Reagan

Act of Kindness

Ask yourself the question “Am I leading with kindness?” Simply contemplating this will inspire you to shift the way you engage with others and the way you see yourself.

Question of the Month

What makes a good leader? Share here or in the comments below.

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Photo of the Month

Does this picture represent leadership? Why or why not? Share.

Song of the Month

Every leader must learn to lead themselves first. This often means having the courage to realize when you’re ineffective and what adjustments you might need to make. As leaders we are always changing, as are the environments in which we lead. Constant self-assessment and feedback are critical to understanding that man (or woman) in the mirror. The best leaders make this a consistent practice in their lives.

Videos of the Month

Simon Sinek presents a simple but powerful model for how leaders inspire action, starting with a golden circle and the question “Why?” His examples include Apple, Martin Luther King, and the Wright brothers – and as a counterpoint Tivo, which (until a recent court victory that tripled its stock price) appeared to be struggling.

Aspire to be a better leader? Then you need to be a team player with the right character traits, interpersonal and communication skills. Learn how to manage people and become holistic leaders with these few quick tips.

DFK Group Leaders share their amazing experiences leading a flashmob event in their own city and what inspired and motivated them to join as a group leader in the annual Dance for Kindness.

Books of the Month

Tribes: We Need You to Lead Us – Seth Godin – Godin is sharing a winning formula for stepping outside of the status quo to do meaningful work. It’s this kind of work that will inspire others to follow, help you get noticed, and leave a legacy long after you’re gone.

How to Win Friends and Influence People – Carnegie shows you how to use that in your favor to make people like you and win people over. It’s a book about how to communicate and interact with people in a meaningful way. It all comes down to showing interest in the people you interact with and the work that they are doing. If you make that connection you will have won a friend.

Leaders Eat Last: Why Some Teams Pull Together and Others Don’t – In Leaders Eat Last, Simon Sinek, internationally bestselling author of Start With Why, investigates these great leaders from Marine Corps Officers, who don’t just sacrifice their place at the table but often their own comfort and even their lives for those in their care, to the heads of big business and government – each putting aside their own interests to protect their teams.

Nya’s Long Walk: A Step at a Time – In this picture book companion to the bestseller A Long Walk to Water, a young South Sudanese girl goes on a journey that requires determination, persistence, and compassion.

The Giving Tree – The Giving Tree serves as a powerful lesson for leaders to stay mindful of the workplace demands placed on their teams. When our company cultures are committed to work-life balance, it’s possible to be productive individuals while not simultaneously running ourselves empty.

Harold and the Purple Crayon – Harold and the Purple Crayon’s lesson for leaders is simple: Establish a clear vision of the outcomes you want to see in the world – whether they’re moonshot ideas or next week’s sales numbers. Teamwork is simply the process of converting imagination into reality.