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This month’s theme: HUMILITY – recognizing that we can’t do everything alone. We need faith, gratitude and each other to survive and thrive. ~Jade Ryan

everyday kindness

Everyday Kindness: The Sweet Side of Kindness

When Karina heard Orly speak about her own life struggles, and Life Vest Inside, it resonated with her heart. She signed up and committed to buying someone a meal but what resulted was sweeter than she ever expected.

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Everyday Kindness: Empowering New Beginnings Through Kindness

Jeff may work with men who suffer from various forms of addiction, but his ability to see beyond the addiction, to see the person is what paved the way for a little love, a little kindness, a little laughter, and a whole lotta dancing to take form.

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Kind Connection: Erin Buchalter

When Erin was upset with all the pain she saw in the world, she went on to YouTube and typed in “Kindness”. What she found was her start to being a part of fixing everything that was wrong in the world. Read on to learn more about Erin’s journey and wish!

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good-newsGood News

As I was preparing myself to sit down and write this month’s Good News Story focused around the theme of humility, I wanted to entrench myself in the proper mindset. I decided to reach out to Kindness Ambassadors and friends to ask them how they defined humility and what it meant to them. Before I knew it loads of responses and posts began coming through and it turns out that the real story was within their words and their reflection. And so instead of simply sharing my view on a Good News Story from around the world, I found it more fitting instead to use this month’s Good News Story as a platform. A platform for people to share, to reflect, to question, to wonder, to discover and to connect about the quality of humility that as one Ambassador, Gerry West, put it is less of an achievement and more of a pursuit.

Below are some thoughts from people sharing their first impression when they hear the word humility.

The understanding that actions speak louder than words.

Humility is a quiet competence without arrogance. ~Jade Ryan

Dr James Dobson describes humility as, a pursuable characteristic that once you realize you’ve achieved it, that’s when you lose it. ~Gerry West

Humility is when EVERYTHING life serves me is gratefully and gracefully received as a priceless gift. ~Naraya Naserian

Humility comes from true love and passion for others….wanting the very best for others and showing your compassion by your actions….it’s giving of yourself without any expectations from others….~Chere Staton Mask

Humble people are usually tactful to their audiences when their qualities are outwardly shown. They don’t give off a superior vibe; rather they adhere to the mentality that a combination of effort and luck (or blessing, depending on their beliefs) led them to where they are, and thus, they are not above others. They encourage others who look up to them and highlight their capabilities. ~Ali Rishty

Humility is the capacity of being an Lightbearer with a strong Light to guide the way while also having the capacity for restraint so as not to blind others. ~Paul Girardin

Confidence + empathy ~Spencer L Dennis

Humility is to understand that we are no better than other. ~Willian Machado

Humility is knowing that you’re special, that you are awesome yet know you are not all that is. Everyone is as awesome as you are. ~Jeremy Oliver

Humility is being self-aware of the strengths, gifts and talents you have been blessed with – and then putting them to good use in the service of others. ~Ari Sytner

For me, humility is understanding that other people are just as much “people” as you are. That the fact that you are better than them at something only makes you better than them at something, not a better person. ~Rodrigo Barbosa

Humility is understanding that we are one small part of an amazingly intricate and interconnected whole. Our actions are necessary for the good of everyone, yet we can’t forget the billions of others that make up whole. ~Tracy Oliver

Humility to me is knowing that we are all the same in most ways each with our own struggles. Simply helping wherever however whenever I can knowing that helping others is really helping myself. We all grow and bloom. ~Jewel Luscombe Fries

So, what does HUMILITY mean to you?

I encourage all of you to share your thoughts and comments on the original thread HERE!

For me, humility begins with reflection; deep reflection into who we are and why we do the things we do. A true test of character is not being humble but remaining humble in spite of success and applause for a job well done; understanding that it takes a team to get you to where you are.

I look forward to learning from each of you.

kindness-quote-of-the-monthKindness Quote

“The tree that bears much fruit does not seek to stand taller but bends towards the ground.”
~ Timothy Healey

act-of-kindness-of-the-monthAct of Kindness

A true test of character is not being humble but remaining humble in spite of success and applause for a job well done; understanding that it takes a team to get you to where you are. This month take the time to acknowledge the people and things in your life that contribute to your success. Remember, we are all a piece of the puzzle; different shapes, different colors but each of us the same size; each of us as important as the next.

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of the Month

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Why do you think this picture represents humility? Click HERE and share your thoughts!


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There’s always an opportunity to make a difference; an opportunity to truly SEE people regardless of how busy or famous we may become. “I don’t wanna run, I don’t wanna hide, When someone needs somebody, I don’t wanna say, I don’t got the time, When someone needs somebody, With a little faith and a little soul, We can’t go wrong.”


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Nelson Mandela is a household name around the world because of the impact he had on democracy and equality in South Africa, yet through it all, the struggles the hardships, the failures and victories one thing remained his guiding light.


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Daniel Epstein discusses the paradoxical mix of confidence and humility; having enough confidence to persist through failure yet enough humility to ignore sceptics. Is the right mix of humility and confidence one of the keys to making the world a better place?


book-of-the-monthBook of the Month

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Daybook: The Journal of an Artist by Anne Truitt

Renowned American artist Anne Truitt kept this illuminating and inspiring journal over a period of seven years, determined to come to terms with the forces that shaped her art and life. She examines the art of humility and the perils of self-righteousness as a gateway to true human connection, the elixir that makes an honorable human relationship.


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