Celebrate World Kindness Day and Dance for Kindness

Plus be entered for a chance to WIN up to a $1,500 grant.

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One Day. One Dance. One Heart.

Keep the Kindness Going

Each year, Life Vest Inside organizes Dance for Kindness – a worldwide Kindness FlashMob that takes place in cities and countries across the globe who join together to dance to celebrate World Kindness Day. This incredible event provides schools with an opportunity to have their student body be part of something much bigger than themselves and recognize that while as a world we all may be different – we have reason to celebrate those differences and unite under the banner of kindness.

This year’s event will take place on the week of November 13th 2022. What are you waiting for?! Bring this transforming and inspiring experience to your school.


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Building a Kinder World is a Team Sport

Become a Group Leader for Your School

Apply as a Group Leader and lead your school in this year’s event as we celebrate a DECADE OF KINDNESS! A Group Leader is the person who is the head organizer of the Dance for Kindness event in their city or school. Most schools run the event as a private event and incorporate Dance for Kindness prep through their Physical Education department.

Group Leaders manage all of the tasks to bring their event to life, with the help of Life Vest Inside. For a short list of tasks, see below. Teachers, administrators or students interested in becoming a Group Leader are required to apply online and go through the registration process:

Step 1: Apply (determine if you will be holding a private or public event)
Step 2: Read Handbook
Step 3: Watch Behind the Scenes Video
Step 4: ZOOM with LVI Founder
Step 5: Start Planning!

For more in depth information check out our Overview Doc.


Event Overview

Get an idea of what the Dance for Kindness itself entails and what you’ll receive

The Grant

We are excited to offer one grant to a participating school that takes part in the event and completes Group Leader requirements. The grant is meant to be used by the school to infuse more kindness into their school.

Program Cost

$500 – made as a tax deductible donation to Life Vest Inside

How to Enter

Simply Apply as a Group Leader to lead your school in Dance for Kindness

How it Works

When your school applies, you’ll receive everything you need to bring your event to life and infuse a kindness culture into the school leading up to Dance for Kindness. The registered school Group Leader will receive access to our online portal, where they will be able to connect with other Group LeadersSchool Ambassadors, share ideas, thoughts and offer positive support and encouragement.

Apply to Lead Your School in our Dance for Kindness

Complete the form below to get started. Once you apply you’ll receive an email to schedule a call with Life Vest Inside founder, Orly Wahba. Questions? Email info@danceforkindness.com

What We Provide You With

Program Cost: $500 made as a tax deductible donation to Life Vest Inside. Costs include the following and more…

  • Dance Tutorial: The OFFICIAL Dance for Kindness step by step tutorial to learn the dance led by our Award Winning Head Choreographer
  • DFK Songs: The OFFICIAL Anthem songs for Dance for Kindness
  • Kindness Activities: A list of kindness activities to work on with students leading up to the event in an effort to bring a culture of kindness to the school halls
  • Group Leader Handbook: Provides you with a step by step guide of what it means to be a Group Leader and a breakdown of tasks.
  • Promotional Materials: Access to everything from print ready posters, postcards, social media copy, social media posts, graphics, press release, newsletter blurbs, blog posts, event hashtags, videos and more to help you spread the word and boost excitement.
  • 24/7 Support: Join our Exclusive Group Leader Facebook group, providing you with the amazing support of our global leaders. Have questions, concerns – you’ll receive support in minutes!
  • Certificates of Participation: Create OFFICIAL Certificates of Participation to distribute to your students highlighting them as Kindness Ambassadors

Have Questions?

Interested in learning more? Schedule a consultation call below to explore how Life Vest Inside’s Dance for Kindness can be a great fit for your school!

What Other Schools Are Saying


"Dance for Kindness is the incontestable proof that Kindness is our common denominator and the solution for a happy future for mankind."

Constantin Păun, DFK Group Leader, Transilvania Brasov, Romania

"I can't put into words the impact DFK has had on me. This is what kindness does to you, it takes you by surprise and leaves you spellbound. Dance for Kindness was magical. Kindness can make anything happen if you believe in it and just give into it."

Nisha Ravi, Bangalore, India

"Dance for Kindness is amazing in that all ages of students, plus parents, staff, and teachers get involved! It doesn't stop there, it brings energy to the local community."

Julie Garner, co-leader, Shenzhen, China

"This was far more than a “dance” for my students and me, but a unifying experience that has drawn my students, school and community closer together. Dance for Kindness will be a fixture in my community for years to come!"

Jason Hattrick, DFK Group Leader, Vancouver, Washington, USA

Are you ready to become a Group Leader and lead your school in this year’s WorldWide Dance for Kindness? Apply online at www.danceforkindness.com/lead

Questions? Concerns? Shoot us an email at info@danceforkindness.com