Did you know that by spreading kindness, you become even happier and more grateful in life? We have seen enough of what the world can do and it won’t hurt to give a little kindness every now and then. Help us make this world a better place for everyone.

Hang these lovely printed kindness posters on your restaurant, house, or office walls and spread kindness using Life Vest Inside’s simple life reminders.

We have different statements for each kindness poster to aid us all in this life.

Choose from our 7 amazing designs including “Kindness keeps the world afloat”, “Be Someone’s Umbrella”, “Open Your Heart”, “How Far You’ve Come”, “Choose Wisely”, “Be Different. Be Bold. Be Brave.”, and “I SEE You”.

We proactively want to make a better place that is somehow relieved, if not free, from bullying, abuse, depression, crime, and many other negative emotions.

Kindness is just like a life vest. It is what keeps us afloat. When we have more of it, we live better lives. Increase people’s self-worth by gently reminding them that they are doing great and are not alone.

Spread kindness and make someone smile. Get your kindness poster today!

$40/1 ; $70/2 ; $100/3 BUY ALL 7 for $28/each

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