What is Inspiring Kindness?

Law enforcement officials of high integrity and honor are vested with the opportunity to recognize citizens engaging in everyday acts of kindness in word or deed. This basic, yet essential, interaction is substantiated with the kind citizen being issued a “Kindness Citation” by an officer in their official capacity. This citation, once redeemed, unlocks a donation to a local nonprofit, extending the reach of the ripple effect of kindness.

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Our Impact to Date

Inspiring Kindness in Action

Kindness Citations Printed

Kindness Citations Redeemed

Law enforcement officials trained

Pilot launched in conjunction with Clark County’s Sheriff’s Office (Vancouver, Washington)

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Inspiring Kindness... Why Now?

As we have seen, the sentiment between law enforcement officials and citizens has declined drastically over the past several years. As kindness is a prerequisite for all we do and for all important changes in our society, Life Vest Inside is working to inspire people to live a life of kindness. We are now taking our efforts to a whole new dimension through collaboration with law enforcement officials from around the country through our Inspiring Kindness initiative to address the rift taking place within our country.

Why are we focusing on law enforcement as a means to bring about change?

Law enforcement officials, in the purest sense, are members of a community who risk their lives day in and day out for the well being and upkeep of a community. They are seen as an authority figure. As such, an authority figure must possess both honesty and integrity if they are to be successful and efficient.

Through Inspiring Kindness we aim to reinstate these two pillars of honesty and integrity by creating an atmosphere of respect, love and kindness through personal and public acknowledgement. With the Inspiring Kindness system in place, there will be both an unspoken and spoken understanding that both the community members and law enforcement officials are on the same team, with the same goals and same objectives = to build a kinder, safer, happier community. One in which both feel appreciated, safeguarded and acknowledged.

How does Inspiring Kindness work?

Law enforcement officials are generally associated with catching people breaking the law or doing some sort of transgression. Through Inspiring Kindness law enforcement officials will also be seen and known for catching people engaging in acts of kindness. How?

Inspiring Kindness will provide law enforcement officials with three things:

Officer Training Guideline cards Inspiring Kindness Citations

Inspiring Kindness Citation recipients exhibit one of the following:

Shows kindness to a law enforcement official as a representative of the law, either through actions or statements.

Shows or engages in random acts of kindness whether in words or actions. Ex: opening the door for someone, letting someone go ahead in line, etc…

Goes above and beyond to aid others in need: helping someone cross the street, assisting someone in a dangerous situation, selfless acts when others are in desperate situations, diffuses escalating situations, etc…

An Inspiring Kindness Team is made up of four key players:

  • Non Profit Organization
  • Charitable Company
  • Kind Doer
  • Law Enforcement Official

Law enforcement officials recognize and acknowledge good deeds being done by passing forward an “Inspiring Kindness” card that triggers a donation in honor of the Kind Doers good deed. This not only exercises the kindness eye muscle, it also promotes and encourages positive behavior. Law enforcement officials will have a new positive public perception; while serving to enforce the law, they are also distributing their own form of kindness citations.

Good deeds performed by people trigger donations made by charitable companies to well deserving non profit organizations.

The Kind Doer has the option of maximizing their kindness, by digitally acknowledging someone in their circle for doing an act of kindness. By doing so, yet another donation is triggered to a worthy charity given by the charitable company responsible for the campaign.

When the digital acknowledgement is passed forward, Kind Doers can continue to pass it forward by acknowledging someone else, thereby triggering an additional donation to the organization. In addition, the Kind Doer is gifted a surprise from the charitable company; furthering the pay it forward methodology.

Inspiring Kindness takes the concept of the Kindness Boomerang film into a real life setting, creating a ripple effect that can go and on. Inspiring Kindness will increase public perception of law enforcement officials, instill a greater connection between law enforcement and members of the community as well as draw a tremendous amount of positive press for law enforcement.

Have the Impact of your Generosity Multiply

Current donation method:

Donor > Charity > Creates direct impact on the charity's work and mission

Through Inspiring Kindness:

Donation > Charity > Creates direct impact on the charity's work and missionDonation > Acts of Kindness rewardedDonation > Increased solidarity between law enforcement and citizensDonation > ROI for Company donatingDonation > Positive Media generated

Results through Inspiring Kindness:

  • Law enforcement will no longer solely be seen as catching transgressions but catching kindness
  • Citizens regard and respect for law enforcement increases
  • Maximize the donations of corporations to increase kindness perception in the US
  • Acts of kindness are acknowledged and positive behavior is reinforced leading to further positive behavior
  • Corporations are acknowledged for their contribution Positive media generated

How YOU Can Get Involved?

Law Enforcement

Are you a Police Chief? Do you work for, volunteer at or connected with a law enforcement agency?

Non Profit Organization

Want to provide your corporate donors with a greater ROI? Want to maximize the impact of the donations coming to your organization by generating acts of kindness in its wake?

Charitable Company

Want to maximize your company’s donation to a non-profit by generating residual kindness impact? Want to increase your ROI?

Reach out and we will be happy to provide you with further details and schedule a quick run through of the process to see how simple it is to bring this amazing initiative into your community.