Every act of kindness you do, whether big or small has an effect far beyond your wildest expectations.

Over these past couple of months I have had the pleasure of meeting people every day from across the globe; connecting with me through Life Vest Inside. With each person I meet, my appreciation and love for people grows stronger and stronger. The bonds created and the friendships I’ve formed have been so incredible. I’ve been privileged to have the opportunity to meet some people in person, others through great email correspondence, and many through powerful and meaningful Skype conversations. WOW – it’s been one inspirational day after the other and I can say with such strong conviction that I truly care about each person with all my heart; for the fact that they reached out, for the fact that they have shared their hopes and dreams with me, and mostly for the amazing individuals they are.

Here’s just one story from a phenomenal skype conversation I had today. A few weeks ago, a man by the name of Nitin took the time to reach out to me expressing his gratitude for the film and the fact that he was genuinely touched and moved by its message. And so we began conversing through FB, and a friendship was in the making.

Today, we finally connected through Skype and had such a powerful conversation. He expressed his passion for making an impact on the world and our philosophies were so much in sync. Nitin was kind enough to offer his assistance to the organization and I know great things are ahead. I had the biggest smile on my face after our conversation and posted a simple thank you to Nitin on my wall.

Shortly after I received a message that Nitin posted on my wall and my eyes filled with tears. I’d like to share part of his post with you:

“This is one of the best day of my life as I am honored by the great Orly Wahba. I must say that, your positives vibes and confidence in me has taken me to different spiritual levels. After speaking with your kind soul, I am sure to promise you that I will give my level best to your project, which will make you feel proud of me, as I am already for being your friend…god bless you ..always take care”

“He was honored by me??” I thought. I was the one who was honored by him taking the time out of his schedule to speak with me and offer his assistance. His words brought a smile to my face and warmth to my heart. I am very grateful for having met him.

A few short words with a lasting effect! THAT’s the power of kindness!

After reading his post and thinking about the countless amazing people I’ve been honored to meet I decided to add a blog each week featuring a facebook, youtube, twitter or blog post that made my day. If I were to write them all, I don’t think I’d ever stop writing.

Recognize the power of words: the right ones can make someones day, but the wrong ones have the potential to ruin their lives. Choose wisely! YOU, yes YOU- have the potential to effect positive change in this world – get out there and spread the love because YOU CAN!


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