Tam Pham

Pittsburgh, USA


Love Is Patient Love Is Kind

There was always a little voice inside her that said “I’m worthwhile,” but from the age of 2 that voice grew steadily softer and softer. Eighteen years of abuse by someone she trusted stole Tam’s self-worth, her dignity, trust, and childhood. The abuse taught her to be fearful and silent. She jumped when someone touched her. She cried for what appeared to be no reason. Dating seemed completely impossible.

As Tam reflects, “I was always that ‘weird girl’ in the corner.”

Aaron was twice her age when they met but he was the first man Tam fell in love with. It was his kindness and his patience that turned the key and opened the lock.

Tam’s traumatic experiences had dramatic impacts yet Aaron showed nothing but kindness and love. When they first dated, Tam couldn’t be in the house alone with him unless the front door was wide open. If she felt threatened, she needed to know she could run. They didn’t even hold hands until 6 months had passed and his first kiss was on her cheek 2 months later. During the time they dated Aaron was understanding, compassionate and kind.

quote-openI used to imagine me not falling in love…actually; I used to imagine someone not falling in love with me. But [he] came into my life and showed me that it was possible to not only fall in love with someone but also have someone fall in love with me! Aaron proved to me that I am worthwhile.quote-close

– Edited by Jewel Fries

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