Lee Babird

Buffalo, New York, USA


Where You Find Courage

While regaining her own health, Lee met a loving family caring for their father dying of Lou Gehrig’s disease (ALS). Soon Lee’s daily routine included a visit with the man, his wife and four children, who were his caregivers and companions. To alleviate the pressure the family felt, she helped where he could whether it was tackling homework, playing catch, or doing dishes.

Lee was honoured when invited to live with the family and assist with end of life care as the father approached final stages of the disease. Without hesitation Lee gave away everything in her apartment, moved into their basement and proceeded to master tube feeding, the suction machine, catheterization, shower, transfer and more. Beyond those skills she learned a lot about herself and the importance of putting others first.

Through this journey Lee says, “I had developed a deep relationship… It was hard to see a father sitting in a chair without the ability to hug and kiss his wife and children… He never complained…

quote-openHe taught me so much about life through his slow death, without saying a single word… His testimony through dying, ignited my fire to live and to love unconditionally…quote-close

I consider that the ultimate gift of kindness.” Lee was with the family when the father passed. Mingled with the sadness was a heartfelt joy knowing his suffering with such a terrible disease was over. Lee says this experience was just the first of many, all teaching her more about kindness and putting others first. She reminds us,

quote-openVery often, we have to put ourselves in a vulnerable state in order to achieve an act of kindness. There is where you find courage.quote-close

– Edited by Jewel Fries

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