Life Vest Inside is honored to feature a true everyday humanitarian, Travis Hellstrom, Founder of Advance Humanity.

As Life Vest Inside’s very First Kindness Partner, Advance Humanity and Founder Travis Hellstrom hold a very special place in my heart.

From the very onset of Life Vest Inside, Travis has been a source of inspiration, encouragement, and knowledge. Offering his assistance wholeheartedly to get things done for our starter organization. I feel fortunate to have crossed paths with such a pure hearted and kind individual. Click HERE to listen to an exclusive interview with Founder of Advance Humanity, Travis Hellstrom.

A Bit About Travis:

Travis Hellstrom just finished serving three years with the Peace Corps in Mongolia. After graduating from college with a degree in Pre-Med/Biology, Travis worked for two years with local hospitals and clinics in Mongolia to help doctors and nurses improve the overall health of the community. He then I worked for one year with the World Health Organization in the capital city of Mongolia.

Upon completing his Peace Corps service, Travis started a social movement called Advance Humanity where he writes weekly articles for everyday humanitarians who are changing themselves and changing the world. He also became founding CEO of the New Media Foundation, which is dedicated to helping leading nonprofits in Mongolia and around the world. Amongst many things Travis is a writer, a nonprofit consultant and a true everyday humanitarian. He currently lives in the eastern steppe of Mongolia with his wife Tunga.

A Bit About Advance Humanity:

Advance Humanity is a social movement and a home for everyday humanitarians who are changing themselves and changing the world. Advance Humanity chronicles Travis Hellstrom’s writing on how to change yourself and change the world by doing more of what you love everyday, focusing on staying inspired, living simply and creating amazing projects with incredible people. Advance Humanity is creating a small army of everyday humanitarians who believe in their ability to change the world.


Click Here to Listen to an Interview With a True Humanitarian


Remember to check out Advance Humanity on the web and connect with Travis and Advance Humanity through Facebook. 

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Together, We Can Build An Army of Kind, Everyday Humanitarians!