The Kindness Flash #34


This month’s theme: OPPORTUNITY – It’s knocking!


Reflections on Opportunity: by Orly Wahba

“Like the sunset, opportunities are fleeting specks of light that vanish within seconds only leaving behind the residue of their beauty with colorful radiant skies. But when seized, opportunities have the power to change worlds and their beauty remains even after the sun has set.” ~Orly Wahba

As I began to think of this month’s theme of OPPORTUNITY – I recalled the passage above from a journal entry I wrote years ago, before starting Life Vest Inside. I loved teaching but something within me seemed to be calling me. I didn’t quite understand how to decipher what that “call” was telling me, but I felt that there was something more I was meant to do. Read More >>

good-newsArticle of the Month

4 Truths to Set You Free

We can ask questions as use them as tools to shift our perspective and ease our minds into new ways of operating. We create our lives from our thoughts and actions. What we think and what we do are how our choices take form and paint our reality. They’re rooted in what we believe to be true. By changing what we choose to be true, it follows that our thoughts, actions, and feelings will change as well.

6 Ways to Create Your Own Opportunity

There are people in this life who always seem to be in the right place at the right time. They’re the ones who appear to always land the dream job and live the dream life, fulfilling their dharma, or their life’s purpose, in ways you can only imagine. Their life seems to be marked by a profound sense of groundedness, self-realization, and joy. Opportunities are present all around you as well; you just need to learn how to identify and step into them.

Create Your Own Opportunities

Here are three ways to create opportunity in your life. Here is one of those basic laws of life: There will always be opportunities for those who recognize and pursue them. The lucky people are simply those who have taken more chances than average.

4 Truths of Creating Your Own Opportunities

Simple approaches to creating opportunities. When we work in unity with others who share our values and core principles, we reach our target together, while lifting one another up and having a lot more fun along the way.

kindness-quote-of-the-monthKindness Quote

“Good things come to those that create…not wait.”
~ Jay Shetty

act-of-kindness-of-the-monthAct of Kindness

Over the month of January, the month of opportunity quiet the negative voices in your head that tell you you can’t advance more than you already have. Be on the lookout for opportunities to grow, personally professionally spiritually and let go of the fear of pursuing them. In this world you need to not simply dream big, but play big. It’s time to show up because your life is NOW! Don’t let the opportunities pass you by – hang on with all your might and trust yourself a bit more.

question-of-the-monthQuestion of the Month

What opportunity would you jump to say “yes” to?

kindness-media-of-the-monthKindness Media




of the Month

Why does this picture represent opportunity? Share your thoughts.



of the Month

At Life Vest Inside we strive to inspire, educate and empower people of all backgrounds to speak the language of kindness which we know transcends race, religion, ethnicity and nationality. We all can believe different things and respect them at the same time. This month’s song of “opportunity” comes from Matthew West who is a Christian artist and uses some lyrics that may not be relatable to you. However, the beautiful theme that the lyrics and video convey are very clear and appropriate for this month. This inspirational song reminds us that there are opportunities to make an impact all around us and it is our responsibility to create them and be the solution. Listen with an open heart and enjoy.



of the Month

In this world we have a choice to see opportunity and seize it with both hands or let it pass us by. Where others see blank space, seek out “infinity waiting to be unpacked and expanded.”

book-of-the-monthBook of the Month

Eyes Wide Open: Overcoming Obstacles and Recognizing Opportunities in a World That Can't See Clearly

“Eyes Wide Open: Overcoming Obstacles and Recognizing Opportunities in a World That Can’t See Clearly” by Isaac Lidsky

Behind every hardship lies an opportunity to overcome. In Eyes Wide Open, Isaac Lidsky draws on his experience of achieving immense success, joy, and fulfillment while losing his sight to a blinding disease to show us that it isn’t external circumstances, but how we perceive and respond to them, that governs our reality. Fear has a tendency to give us tunnel vision—we fill the unknown with our worst imaginings and cling to what’s familiar. Lidsky shows us how we can overcome paralyzing fears, avoid falling prey to our own assumptions and faulty leaps of logic, silence our inner critic, harness our strength, and live with open hearts and minds. In sharing his hard-won insights, Lidsky shows us how we too can confront life’s trials with initiative, humor, and grace.

“No Limits: Blow the CAP Off Your Capacity” by John C. Maxwell

#1 New York Times bestselling author John C. Maxwell’s latest book will enhance the lives of leaders, professionals, and anyone who wants to achieve success and personal growth. We often treat the word capacity as if it were a natural law of limitation. Unfortunately, most of us are much more comfortable defining what we perceive as off limits rather than what’s really possible. Could it be that many of us have failed to expand our potential because we have allowed what we perceive as capacity to define us? What if our limits are not really our limits?

The Universe Has Your Back: Transform Fear to Faith

“The Universe Has Your Back: Transform Fear to Faith” by Gabrielle Bernstein

#1 New York Times Bestseller! In her latest book, The Universe Has Your Back, New York Times best-selling author Gabrielle Bernstein teaches readers how to transform their fear into faith in order to live a divinely guided life. Each story and lesson in the book guides readers to release the blocks to what they most long for: happiness, security, and clear direction. The lessons help readers relinquish the need to control so they can relax into a sense of certainty and freedom.

“What Do You Do With A Chance” by Kobi Yamada

A captivating story about a child who isn’t sure what to make of a chance encounter and then discovers that when you have courage, take chances, and say yes to new experiences, amazing things can happen.


“Loser” by Jerry Spinelli

From renowned Newbery-winning author Jerry Spinelli comes a powerful story about how not fitting in just might lead to an incredible life. This classic book is perfect for fans of Gordon Korman and Carl Hiaasen.

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