Social Media Intern


Life Vest Inside is a 501c3 non-profit organization dedicated to spreading kindness,
empowering people, and building self-esteem and self-value. We aim to engage
our audience in a fun filled experience, showing them the potential they have to
effect real and positive change in the world.

Most of the strong bonds Life Vest Inside has created with our most beloved fans
stemmed from a single YouTube comment, Facebook post, or tweet. You’ll help us
manage our ever-growing social media channels and be a vital component in
inspiring and touching the hearts of millions.



  • Develop Social Media strategies in support of Life Vest Inside’s brand spanning
    all our social media platforms

  • Oversee the maintenance and upkeep of the Life Vest Inside social sites

  • Manage the social media needs for our partners

  • Analyze data from our social media channels to better understand our

  • Develop a social media handbook that defines LVI’s strategy

  • Develop and create loyalty and trust with Life Vest Inside fans

  • Highlight fans through social media sites and featuring fans on Life Vest Inside

  • Organizing fun and exciting campaign pages and call to actions


You’re a communication genius.
You understand the heart and essence of Life Vest Inside and can easily make it
your own. You know how to communicate even the most complex aspects of the
organization in clear and simple terms to everyone and anyone, from a high level
CEO to my grandma.

You’re a Thinker.
You’re excited to change the world and understand how one word can truly
brighten someone’s day. You are always looking for new, innovative and fun ways to
represent the organization.

You’re a stickler for details.
You’re the quintessential organizer and have an eye for details. You understand the
importance of branding across all mediums of communication; from a newsletter
to a simple Facebook post – you help maintain the consistent look and feel of the
brand at all times.

You’re a jack of all trades.
You know which tools are best to get the job done and more importantly you
know how to use them. From Microsoft Word, Excel, Google Drive and online
tools to multitask and stay on top of several projects simultaneously.

You’re self-motivated and a go getter.
You’re the best juggler out there. You can handle a wide-variety of tasks without
constant supervision. You’re confident and capable of representing Life Vest Inside
in your field. And you’re the kind of person who is psyched for the chance to take
ownership of projects.

You’re firm yet flexible.
You bring your ideas and creative energies to the table while also following our
staff’s critique and guiding words.

You ask questions.
You don’t assume. Instead, you learn a system inside and out so you can make the
most of your experience. You’re not afraid to say you don’t know. You see critique
as a good thing and hope to learn from it.



Internship takes place over throughout the course of the year. Interns should be able
to commit to a minimum of 15 hours per week. Please note: spaces are limited. Only
hands-on, committed candidates will be considered. We like people who know how to
hustle (and if you know how to do the hustle, that’s even better).



This is an unpaid internship but some of our finest staff members started off as in-
terns. At Life Vest Inside there is plenty of room to advance. While you are invest-
ing your time with us, we are most certainly investing in your growth. The intern-
ship will also provide you with an exceptional opportunity to gain experience
working with a fast growing non-profit. Need credits? We are more than happy to
work with your institution and give you academic credit for your experience.



Send your resume and cover letter to: