What is an AOK Card?

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AOK cards raise our awareness to what kindness looks like and help us see the opportunities that surround us on a daily basis to brighten another person’s day.

Each AOK card has a different act of kindness prompting the person to
perform the act and pass the card to someone else. AOK cards serve as a
reminder to each of us that small things can truly make a BIG difference.


How it works…

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3!


Remember, when you put kindness out into the
world, you never know how far it may travel!



AOK Card Campaign: Sweepstakes

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Each month LVI will select one person at random as the winner of the
AOK Card Sweepstakes! Taking part is simple! Upload a selfie holding your
card and/or submit a story sharing your experience with your card to
automatically be entered into our AOK Card Sweepstakes for a chance to
win an LVI t-shirt, deck of kindness cards, an iPhone case and more! Plus, get
featured right here on our website and LVI’s social media channels!

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Rachel Massett: Texas – USA Orly Wahba came to my school to tell us about Life Vest Inside. I had previously seen the “Kindness Boomerang” video and was super excited to hear her speak. At the end of the presentation we were all given a kindness card. My Kindness card said to say hi to a maintenance person and get to know him. The first thought after I read my card was, “ I can’t do this.” It wasn’t that I thought it would be uncool or anything. I was just a little nervous. So all the way up until lunch I was still debating if I should do it, and if I did do it, who would I talk to. So, after I ate my lunch my friends and I got up to meet Orly Wahba in the Library. As we walked to the library, I noticed a maintenance person picking up the trash off some tables. I thought to myself, “This is the perfect opportunity. It is now or never!” So I went up to him and said, “Hi, my name is Rachel, what’s yours?” The man responded with a huge smile, ”My name is John.” I didn’t get to talk to John for a long time but he was super nice. Now as I walk through the hallways of my school or anytime I see John I say hi and make sure to give him a big smile.