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Embracing the kindness lifestyle is easy when things are going our way but when life throws unexpected obstacles in our path it becomes daunting, as our Welcoming Ambassador Rosie Hendrix recently discovered. Rosie is known for her smile and welcoming disposition everywhere she goes, making her perfect for her LVI Kindness Ambassador (KA) role. Being the poster child of kindness does not exempt you from the difficulties of life and on Rosie’s last birthday she received news of her brother Joe’s unexpected death, leaving her shattered. Not only had she lost a brother, but a confidant and best friend. It would have been easy for Rosie to lose sight of kindness and simply hide away in grief. Instead Rosie chose to go on being kind sharing her smile, even though it wasn’t quite as bright. She gave compliments, especially for nice ties, and in doing so she discovered it not only brightened the other person’s day, it was like soothing balm for her own hurt. Rosie discovered that even in the hardest times, remaining in the kindness mindset helped navigate pain and grief.

Not long ago Rosie was going through a favourite drive thru and discovered the cashier that night was working on her birthday instead of out celebrating. Just happening to have a bouquet of flowers in her car she decided what better way to brighten both their days but to present the flowers to the birthday girl. Rosie’s unexpected kindness brought the cashier to tears. The next day when Rosie returned the manager was at the window. The kind gesture the night before had not gone unnoticed and the manager wanted to show her appreciation for cheering up her employee by buying Rosie’s breakfast. You can probably guess how that story ends….Rosie of course paid for the car next in line.

Spending time with friends, watching movies, anything about Snoopy or the Peanuts and flying kites brings joy to Rosie. She has always been interested in helping others and at one time considered becoming a nun, but ultimately she chose a different path.

Rosie’s journey to becoming the Welcoming Ambassador began when she watched Kindness Boomerang and eventually signed up as a Kindness Ambassador. Initially she remained very quiet just reading posts, eventually becoming comfortable enough to post herself and now taking on the role of greeting each new ambassador to the group, making them feel at home. Helping ambassadors from around the world practise their English skills is something you will often find Rosie doing because enabling people to grow and feel good about themselves is just another part of living the kindness lifestyle for Rosie. The ambassador group is filled with like minded people who believe in the power of kindness, and for Rosie, it’s like being part of a one great big family.

One of the things neighbours know Rosie for is leaving inspiring and uplifting notes to surprise them. She laughs that on one occasion notes were found on the apartment mailboxes everyone thought she had been busy again and were not easily persuaded to the contrary. Who knows, maybe Rosie was the inspiration for the anonymous, kindhearted soul.

Cynical people cross our paths on occasion, those wondering what the catch is when something is offered, like kindness, but Rosie has found more often than not, her kindness is accepted with grace and appreciation. Rosie’s biggest reward is receiving a smile in return.

quote-openWhen I make someone smile it makes me feel good, it changes everything around me… it’s a boomerang, it comes back to me, but also they want to share it with the next person.quote-close

Surrounding ourselves with people who exemplify how we want to be motivates us to become our best selves. Rosie counts a number of people as inspirational in helping her adopt the kindness lifestyle, including her parents, her brother Joe, and our own founder Orly Wahba, and Mayor, Jeff Kuske.

Summarizing her kindness lifestyle as a journey to try to be the best person she can be, Rosie makes a conscious effort to show people their worth and that the feelings they experience are perfectly ok. That almost always starts with offering the simplest of gestures, her welcoming smile.


– Interviewed by Jewel Fries

Founder of Rise Like Air, Jewel is a blogger/writer who inspires with stories of individuals from around the globe living a kindness lifestyle. She hopes to empower everyday people to use small, simple acts of kindness to change the world in amazingly beautiful ways.


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Ever since I was a little girl I’ve wanted to write a book. I already have the title and the topic.

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Favorite Song:
Don’t Stop Believing – Journey

Favorite Hobby:
Cross-stitching, needlework, card making and flying kites

Favorite Vacation Spot:
Bar Harbor, Maine

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Q. How do you incor­porate kindness into your everyday life?

A. By taking opportunities to do little things like paying for a coffee or giving a compliment.

Q. What is your favorite way to lift someone’s spirits?

A. Offer a smile.

Q. What does being an ambassador mean to you?

A. It means unconditional acceptance, family and helping each other out.