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Surbiton, South West London, UK


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At just 15-years-old, Megan discovered the importance of kindness first-hand when she fainted, fracturing her skull in three places. If it hadn’t been for the strangers who called an ambulance and cared for her until it arrived, Megan knows the result may have been even more devastating.

While strangers are often kind, coming to her aid if she’s unaccompanied when she faints, others have left her on the ground assuming she’s intoxicated. Those unfounded judgements leave Megan feeling ashamed and unworthy. However, being part of the LVI worldwide family has given Megan the opportunity to heal and make friends with like minded people as they share their cultures and spread kindness together.

She points out that kindness comes in all forms and isn’t just about humans, it’s about all living things. Her favourite ways to spread kindness are visiting nursing home residents with her therapy dog Ruby, smiling at everyone, helping the homeless, performing first aid, and walking neighbourhood pets. Megan has learned in her passion to be kind to others, she also needs to be kind to herself too.

quote-openWhen you are passionate about bringing kindness to others, it is easy to neglect your own needs.quote-close

Despite her disability sustained from the skull fractures, which includes hearing loss and fainting unexpectedly sometimes dozens of times a day, Megan undertakes bigger kindness challenges too, often cheered on and assisted by supportive friends. Challenges like running a half marathon with her friend Jenny in support of The National Deaf Childrenʼs Society, though she fainted numerous times. In 2014, to aid the charity Help For Heroes, she completed The Three Peaks Challenge with her friend Izzie, which involved climbing 3 mountains in 24 hours. Her film and poem, ‘Infinite Patience’ are featured in The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society’s Taiji Dolphin Defense Campaign. She has trained her best friend and four legged companion Ruby to be a therapy dog and is currently training Ruby through DOG A.I.D. as an assistance dog serving as an example for others and to enable her to live independently.

For Megan, living the kindness lifestyle is all about helping without judgment or the desire for recognition. It’s about the satisfaction that comes from knowing she’s helped make someone’s day brighter. She believes if you can’t find a nice person, then simply be one. Anyone who knows Megan will tell you she exemplifies that every day in every way.


– Interviewed by Jewel Fries

Founder of Rise Like Air, Jewel is a blogger/writer who inspires with stories of individuals from around the globe living a kindness lifestyle. She hopes to empower everyday people to use small, simple acts of kindness to change the world in amazingly beautiful ways.


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To live and work independently, made possible when her dog Ruby successfully completes her Disability Assistance training. Any Ambassador can help by donating to Dog A.I.D or in any other way they feel they can help Megan realize her dream of independence.

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Favorite Movie:
Finding Nemo

Dream Vacation Spot:
Camping in The New Forest National Park

Favorite Hobby:
Walking and hiking in nature with my dog Ruby

Share something that not everyone knows about you:
I’ve been involved in Scouting since 6 years old and currently volunteer as a Cub Scout Leader