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Known amongst Life Vest Inside’s Kindness Ambassador community for her endless support and creative sticker comments, Lagunesvary Ganesan, belovedly called Lagu, is a soul who has seamlessly made her way into many hearts.

It was when Lagu discovered Life Vest Inside’s Kindness Boomerang video in 2014 that her eyes opened to the impact acts of kindness could make in the world, be it kindness to others or her own self.

Lagu believes that everything starts with a smile, and makes certain she smiles at those around her every opportunity she gets. Some of her other favorite random acts of kindness include leaving uplifting notes and sweets for people.

The LVIKA community has often been at the receiving end of boundless love and special surprises from Lagu, who painstakingly gathers messages from ambassadors around the globe and puts them together for birthdays, special occasions, or sometimes to simply send some love and hope to a fellow ambassador.

“LVIKA are my extended family members around the world. Being a part of this awesome family has broken many boundaries that I had and opened my eyes to a world where everything is possible. It has made me stop judging people and just be a better human being,” says Lagu.

Speaking of her biggest inspiration to be kind and create an impact, Lagu thanks her spiritual guide, Dato Sri Guruji.

He is the most humble and loving human being I’ve ever come across. He always talks about humanity. being kind, and helping others. He sacrifices so much to guide and protect others such as myself. I’m more than sure that I would not be whoever I am now if it was not for Him. The least I can do is try to follow His footsteps.

While being kind and reaching out to people to show her love comes quite naturally to Lagu, there have been times when her kindness wasn’t received very well. Initially this bothered her but she soon began to realize that she was only responsible for her intentions and actions, not how they were perceived.

quote-openI can`t control everyone’s views but I could change my view towards them. I stopped accepting every negative comment made by others and began loving myself more. I began to have the courage to stand up for myself and walk away from a negative situation without blaming myself for someone’s inability to appreciate my being kind.quote-close

She prefers to show people how it’s done rather than having a conversation leading nowhere. She believes that by living kindly, we can influence and empower others.

But like everyone else, there are times when Lagu falls for traps of pain, incompetence, and insecurity. To move forward, she quickly talks herself out of it, to never turn back and revisit the pain.

quote-openJust as the sun cannot rise without setting, Lagu believes that sometimes we must allow for the negative experiences to pass for the dawn of a kinder, more positive space.quote-close

Her family and friends have always been supportive of her kindness journey.

My family showered me with their support without knowing much about Dance For Kindness when I first organised it in Malaysia in 2015. DFK 2015 was the first ever event I’ve organised in my life and I couldn’t have pulled it off without them. My family is everything to me. They are my source of love.

After organizing Dance For Kindness for two consecutive years, Lagu believes that now every moment of her life and that of her family is filled with acts of kindness and empathy. They constantly speak about kindness and the possibility of being there for others.

Kindness means that my soul is alive. I get to feel it deeply when I pray, meditate, give, care and am there for others. Kindness is essential for me to breathe peacefully. By living kindly, everything seems possible.


– Interviewed by Soumya John

Soumya describes herself is as a writer. She writes for love, for healing, and for hope, which also happens to be what she would call the central theme of her life! As a Blog Guru at Life Vest Inside, she hopes to give words to the magic of kindness that is slowly, but most certainly, taking over the world!


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Some of Lagu’s wishes are to visit the Life Vest Inside HQ in New York and work there for a few months, receiving all the LVI and DFK merchandise that is hard for her to purchase from Malaysia, and to travel around the world and meet several of her Kindness Ambassador friends!

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Favorite Dream Vacation Spot:
Lagu dreams of travelling the world someday.

Favorite Hobby:
Lagu loves to read, especially non-fiction books.