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Maryland, USA


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Grace Murdock, a kindness superhero in her own right, has a wonderful way of winning over every person she speaks to with her beaming positivity and deep compassion.

Grace’s kindness journey began with the need to heal from the tragic events that occurred in Sandy Hook, CT in December 2012, where many lives were lost to senseless violence. She wanted to to help others heal, thus helping her own heart along the journey.

She then made up her mind to switch off from the angst she saw in the news and instead focus on what she could actively do to leave this world a little better.

quote-openI have chosen to focus on a kindness lifestyle to improve my positivity and to help other people experience the good feelings from receiving kindness. Kind actions can help you make an instant connection. I have never had a kind act rejected.quote-close

Since she retired from education, Grace has dedicated herself to actively make her city, and the world a kinder place. She believes that kindness could be towards people, animals, or the environment and helps those who need it in any way that she can.

“If they need something I can’t provide, I seek resources for them. I also teach professionalism and etiquette. I feel good manners are a way to show kindness. I always want to help people be at their best.”

Grace has always been inspired by kind and creative people who have a vision and a mission to make any change that improves a space in our world. She has found this beautiful quality in many influencers such as Emily Post, Al Gore, Lady Diana, Audrey Hepburn, Mother Teresa and Gandhi. Her most recent inspiration being Orly Wahba, Grace discovered a way through Life Vest Inside to reach and connect with like minded individuals from all around the world.

quote-openI so enjoy hearing from others and seeing their kindness efforts. We are all very much the same in wanting to improve our world. We are a huge community and I feel we are making a positive impact for ourselves and our cities and towns! I love the support we offer one another”quote-close

she says, speaking about the Life Vest Inside Kindness Ambassador community. She led her over 200 participants from her city to Dance for Kindness in 2016, to celebrate LVI’s annual global flashmob in honor of World Kindness Day.

Grace created her own line of beautiful handmade jewellery that help people remember to be kind. She loves giving these items away to unsuspecting recipients. She also often collects many kindness related items and sends them along with her bracelet orders.

Wanting to leave behind a legacy of kindness, Grace is in the middle of a project to have Buddy Benches placed on elementary school playgrounds in her area. The sales from her kindness bracelets go toward providing materials to build the benches. Isolation and loneliness being two of the primary factors that cause children to treat others badly, she believes that Buddy Benches may go a long way in helping children feel included.

Grace, who has always enjoyed posting positive content on social media, was thrilled when she discovered that a lot of people thought of her as a social media influencer.

“Kindness is not my job. It’s my joy. I have a wonderful support system in my family and my city. I get a bit excited about every event that I feel can make a positive impact for our city. People expect me to champion causes that improve our space through kindness. I love that my supporters will forward me every positive post on Facebook, and then I share it. I like being known as a “Kindness Influencer!”


– Interviewed by Soumya John

Soumya describes herself is as a writer. She writes for love, for healing, and for hope, which also happens to be what she would call the central theme of her life! As a Blog Guru at Life Vest Inside, she hopes to give words to the magic of kindness that is slowly, but most certainly, taking over the world!


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Grace would like all the help she could get to spread the word about her kindness bracelets, mailed within the US, and the good word about Buddy Benches. Anyone with broad social media followings could help share the benefits of the benches and how they help children at recess always have a buddy.

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Most unexpected skill or talent:
I can identify almost every eating and serving utensil used in fine dining.

Favorite song:
Sea of Love

Dream vacation spot:
Wherever my children or grandchildren vacation.

Favorite hobby or pastime:
After spreading kindness, feeding and watching my backyard birds.

Something that not everyone knows about Grace:
I would like to be on the Ellen Show 12 days give away so I could give all the gifts away to those in need.

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