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When you think with kindness, it could transform the way you behave and see the world. To Life Vest Inside Kindness Ambassador Erin Buchalter, kindness has never simply been an act but a way of being.

quote-openKindness isn’t what you do, it’s who you are.quote-close

“It’s silly but when I was a kid, my family used to make fun of me for being overly concerned about what was happening to others around the world. Even now, my husband teases my deep sense of connection to people I don’t know. I guess I’ve just always felt like I was part of a human race,” she says with a laugh.

Back in August 2015, Erin recalls having been very upset about how much bad there was in the world. She felt like she needed to see people doing kind things to restore her faith, so she went on YouTube and entered the word “kindness”. A lot of videos turned up but the one that stuck with her the most was Life Vest Inside’s Kindness Boomerang.

From there, she began discovering more about LVI and soon realized that her vision perfectly resounded with that of LVI’s CEO, Orly Wahba.

“Life Vest Inside is doing pretty much everything I would do to fix the world today. Instead of trying to reinvent the wheel, I decided to join Orly.”

Erin began talking about Life Vest Inside whenever she got the opportunity. She soon got involved in the ambassador programme and led Dance For Kindness in her city. In the year of 2016, she has been able to join the organization in much bigger ways, including coordinating DFK globally along with Orly.

quote-openThe Group Leader interviews was Orly’s favorite part, but to me it was initially the scariest. But as I began talking to Group Leaders from all over the world, I really saw these amazing people doing their own bits where they were. I began to see what Orly did, kindness from a global scale.quote-close

Oftentimes, people who put kindness first end up getting taking advantage of. What sets Erin apart from so many, is her fearless approach to being ‘the bad guy’ when she has to be. She believes that being kind does not always have to lead you to saying a yes for anything.

quote-openThere is a difference between being kind and being walked over. You can be assertive and not unkind but many people don’t understand that.quote-close

As her own way of spreading more love in a world filled with pain, Erin hopes to raise children who can be kind and accept with an open mind. She ensures that she teaches her children that a different skin tone is no different that a different hair colour or eye colour. Her way of combating the hate in the world is by raising children who will not be hateful. She believes that if everyone fought this way, it would only take one generation to make this go away.

Speaking about her favorite random acts of kindness, Erin says “People in America are very attached to our money. I think if people were a little less attached to their cash, things would be a lot easier. If I have extra and don’t need it, I always give it away to someone at the checkout line who may be falling short.”

She believes that little things like that and holding the door open make all the difference and loves the Life Vest Inside is always propagating these little acts and encouraging people to make them a part of our daily lives.


– Interviewed by Soumya John

Soumya describes herself is as a writer. She writes for love, for healing, and for hope, which also happens to be what she would call the central theme of her life! As a Blog Guru at Life Vest Inside, she hopes to give words to the magic of kindness that is slowly, but most certainly, taking over the world!


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Erin’s one big wish is that by the time her children are of age to attend college, they should be able to pay for their education without any hassles of loans to worry about.

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Favorite Food:
Erin can be bribed with ALL food, but some of her favorites are chicken soup, mozzarella sticks and mashed potatoes.

Happy Place:
Being with her kids.

Favorite Song:
Konstantine by Something Corporate

Favorite Vacation Spot:
Any place with warm weather and a beach.