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Redhill, Surrey, UK


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Sharing a smile is natural for Debbie Hyde. Although she has experienced hardships and rejections that would make others stop smiling, Debbie will never stop being her true self. As she explains, “Why would I stop being kind when it’s who I am naturally?”

For Debbie, living the kindness life style means taking every opportunity to be alive, to listen, and to connect with compassion whether in person or online. She embraces the chance to bring light, joy and meaning to everyone she meets.

Debbie’s experience over the last two years as a job coach in her community has mirrored Jane Goodall’s observation,

quote-openWhat you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make.quote-close

Through her business, The Compassionate Job Coach, she has helped people who are often in distress, longing to be heard, understood and helped, build skills to obtain and thrive in work, volunteer, and training opportunities. Listening compassionately and without judgement, Debbie is able to kindly guide them, and with the weight lifted, relief is palpable as they start to see limitless possibilities before them.

Debbie loves experiencing daily opportunities for connection and it always begins with her signature smile and a few kind words. Debbie supports others with messages offering any assistance she can. She believes knowing someone supports you can give the confidence and courage to take life-changing action.

Honoured, is the way Debbie describes feeling about being a part of the LVI family.

quote-openTo be able to tune in and soak up all the inspiring stories which are shared and to receive such love, kindness, and support from this worldwide network is truly special and a much needed antidote to much of what we hear from the mainstream media.quote-close

Kindness was always an important family value demonstrated by Debbie’s parents. She describes her partner David as one of the most tolerant, patient, people with the biggest, kindest heart who enthusiastically supports her approach to life. Debbie also cites her connection with Rise Like Air as a catalyst furthering her involvement in the kindness movement.

Besides exemplifying the kindness lifestyle, Debbie enjoys bringing new projects to life that make the world a better place. She recently released her first book, “Let Go Or Be Dragged” and is currently completing an interactive map of all charities and community groups in the UK helping people find resources. Debbie is also collaborating with singer songwriter Emma Stevens on a series of events called “To My Roots”, to inspire the planting of as many trees as possible across the world. With her determination and vision Debbie is already making the world a kinder and better place.


– Interviewed by Jewel Fries

Founder of Rise Like Air, Jewel is a blogger/writer who inspires with stories of individuals from around the globe living a kindness lifestyle. She hopes to empower everyday people to use small, simple acts of kindness to change the world in amazingly beautiful ways.


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Debbie would like adequate financial freedom to provide reasonably priced and free services to develop skills and opportunities for employment as well as facilitating, connecting and empowering people to create new solutions, helping humanity through ethical practises. She requires like minded parties interested in creating that reality through funding and resources.

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Favorite Song:
Fantasy by Earth, Wind and Fire

Dream Vacation Spot:
Lake District, England

Favorite Hobby or Pastime:
Walking out in nature