Javier Roman

Leon, Mexico


A Little Piece Of Heaven

When Javier and a friend were turned away from an exclusive nightclub he didn’t let disappointment spoil his evening. While grabbing a hotdog from a nearby vendor a street kid asked them for money. Instead, Javier invited him to join them and bought the boy two hot dogs. Javier noticed another street kid’s wide eyed amazement and invited that boy over too. Soon there was another and by the time he was done, Javier was sharing an impromptu meal with 12 street kids.

His friend was amazed at the sight, Javier with all these kids sitting on the sidewalk eating hot dogs and drinking sodas while sharing funny stories. After they were finished, all the kids gave Javier a huge group hug, a very touching moment for him. They said goodbye and parted ways.

Javier says, “The guys at the entrance of the nightclub noticed what happened and approached and told me I can enter the nightclub if I wanted. I thanked them, but I had already spent all my money with the kids. And honestly I didn’t care for entering the nightclub anymore. My heart was full with what happened. This was one of my best experiences ever. I loved the time with the kids and their stories. I needed nothing more. My friend told me I would be going to heaven for what I did to this kids, but I told him I was in heaven already while I was with them. and I really believe it’s true.

quote-openThese kids gave me more than what I gave to them.quote-close

– Edited by Jewel Fries

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