Our Philosophy


Life Vest Inside wishes to transform the way people see themselves
and interact within society by changing the way we educate
and prepare educators. Transformation is not about doing away with
our educational system but shifting the way we deliver the information.
The Life Vest Inside Educational Curriculum, built upon character
development and core values, will connect students’ school learning
seamlessly to “real life” learning based upon the guiding tenets of
1) kindness, 2) compassion, and 3) empathy.

A small shift in the way we educate children can change everything:
Enter LVI Kindness Curriculum

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The Issue

  • 77% of students have admitted to being the victim of physical, verbal, or cyber bullying
  • 1 out of every 4 children will be bullied at some point. (American Justice Department)
  • Adults who were bullied as teens have higher levels of depression and poorer self-esteem than other adults
  • 30% of bullied students reported depression.
  • 11% reported serious thoughts of suicide or suicide attempts
  • 19% of those who frequently bullied others reported experiencing depression
  • 8% reported suicidal thoughts or attempts

The Solution

  • Fostering and promoting empathy  in children and adolescents could relate to the development of pro- social behavior and to the prevention of aggressive behavior.
  • Kids with high levels of empathic concern tended to view bullying as negative and therefore bullied others less.
  • Among the six points of the Character Education Partnership is to “Replace Current Beliefs or Behavior: Teach bullies how to act differently—how to be KIND. Develop empathy, conscience, and self-control (anger management) in bullies.
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