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Nina Burri, is an exceptional artist originally from Bern – Switzerland. After a very successful ballet career of more than 10 years with engagements with the world’s best ballet companies, shows and theaters, such as the Moulin Rouge in Paris or Maurice Béjart’s Ballet in Lausanne, Nina decided to create her first acrobatic solo act. She took a leap of faith and went to Beijing – China for 6 months to learn the art of contortion and hand-balancing.



Back in Europe, Nina created her first act called “Goldeneye”, a homage to the “James Bond” movies. She won her first award in 2009, The Prestigious Swiss Newcomer prize and came in second place in the TV Show “Switzerland’s Got Talent“ in 2011.

Nina attracts audiences worldwide and performs her acts in high-class galas, corporate events, TV shows and festivals. In July 2014, Nina was given a US Green Card for her unique career and unusual achievements in the art of contortion and is now on her way to conquer America and the rest of the world. Additionally she shares her knowledge in workshops, talks and seminars.

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Upcoming Performances




Starting February 1st 2017, Nina will appear as a special guest at Art on Ice, the most successful figure skating production in the world. To learn more or get tickets visit:


Q&A With Nina


What does kindness mean to you?

Kindness means to me to respect the people, animals and all life around you! Only by doing so, you can live free and with love! Treat the others as you would loved to be treated by them.

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What was the greatest act of kindness done for you?

The constant and loving support of my sister for me and my career.

Why have joined Life Vest Inside as a Kindness Ambassador?

I think i can bring a smile and great energy to the people as I always do when I am performing. I can touch and connect them with my god-given talent.