Our Story

In 2012, we had a crazy idea to organize a WorldWide event in honor of World Kindness Day (November 13th), so we reached out to our fans and put our idea out there. What happened? We found 30 AMAZINGLY committed Group Leaders. With 30 locations, spanning across 15 countries and over 3,500 participants, the Life Vest Inside WorldWide Dance for Kindness was born.

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How it Works!

Steps to becoming an official group leader:


STEP 1 – Read
the Official Dance for Kindness Group Leader Handbook. This will provide you with a step by step breakdown of your Leadership responsibilities and broaden your understanding of the event itself.


STEP 2 – Email
us at dfk@lifevestinside.com and let us know you’ve read the Handbook and feel like you are ready to take on the responsibility of a Group Leader!


STEP 3 – Watch
the Official Dance for Kindness Behind the Scenes video tutorial showing you how things work on the backend for our Group Leaders. Once you email us we will send this right on over!


STEP 4 – Skype
Schedule a Skype session with LVI Founder, Orly Wahba, to discuss your game plan and ensure that you are ready for the task at hand!


STEP 5 – Start Planning!
Begin making the event come to life!


Sign up below and be the first to know when #DFK2017 Group Leader registration OPENS! Please Note: Group Leader Registration only remains open for two weeks, so it’s advisable to sign up below if you are interested.

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