Our Regional Sponsors

Thanks for making it all happen!



Special Thanks To…


Orly Wahba
For believing in me to do justice to your dream and bring it to my city, for the astoundingly kind soul that you are.

Martin Gracias and Nisha Ravi
For being there every single step of the way, for being my strength, my voice of reason, and the wind beneath my wings.

The Goodwill Tribe
Our core team of Akshi Shah and Chirag Singal in Bangalore, as well as all our tribes folk from over the world who have supported us through and through.

Dialogues Cafe and Wasted
For generously sponsoring Dance For Kindness in Bangalore and for being the beautiful people that you are!

Euphoria Dance and Music Academy
To the kind and talented Sapna Machavaram along with her team of Nanda Kumar, Auther Jerad, Jithu Nakulesh and Yuva Neetha who patiently taught a whole bunch of people with varying levels of talent the entire dance, repeatedly in three different sessions.

The Forum Mall Koramangala
For the great space you provided us with to dance and spread the love!

Lahe Lahe
To Nikhil and Mansee Thard for the exquisite rehearsal space you extended to us, and to Olivier Normadin for all your help during rehearsals, and for your soulful tango during our freezemob.

You Design
For all your patience, creativity and huge help with getting our amazing tshirts done on time.

Our Camera Men
Kishore Amruth, Dhruv Prakash and Pradeep Reddy, for hopping on board without a second thought and doing a better job of capturing this magic than I could possibly have imagined!

Faiyaz Malik
For your patient and committed hard work on all our posters and graphics.

RJ Sudesh Bhatt from Radio Mirchi
Regina Gurung from The New Indian Express
Divya Kumarappa
Sameer Hassan
Sonia Parekh
Chandni Sawlani
Gaurav Goenka
Shruti Kumar
Devina Singh
Nishita Raj
Manish Nair
Samyuktha Manogaran
Shweta Khanapur
Shruti Srinivas
Paavana Karumbaiah
Erin Buchalter
Arvind Jayashankar
Justin Cole
My super supportive family
My amazing fellow group leaders from across the globe
DFK Bangalore 2016s wonderful and kind dancers


Event Testimonials

How the event impacted us!


“Besides dance and kindness there is one thing about DFK that we hardly talk about — it enables people to believe that it is in them to be the best version of themselves each day everyday. A person who cares, empathises and most of all loves. It lets people believe that material generosity is not the only form of kindness but there is all sorts of ways you can make a better place out of the world. It empowers them to come together and make changes. Every year of my DFK I have gone back home a changed person, and that is the effect a small act. Imagine the mountains we could move if everybody participated in something similar!”
Nisha Ravi (DFK Bangalore 2016 Core Team member)

“Helping organise Dance for Kindness this year has been one amazing and crazy experience. I had a chance to witness kindness from everyone that was part of the event. From the sponsors who provided us with the resources to make the event possible to the volunteers who supported us immensely from the very first day of rehearsals. What I love most about the event is to be among so many wonderful kind people that come together for the cause and the energy that is in the air from the very first rehearsal to the very end of the event and after. I have had chance to be part of the organising team of the event twice and always see a change in the volunteers view and understanding of kindness and how powerful kindness is. I can’t wait for Dance For Kindness 2017. Thank you, Life Vest Inside for such a great opportunity.”
Martin Gracias (DFK Bangalore 2016 Core Team member)

“Dance for Kindness has been the stir that my soul needed.
The movement is not just a revolution of love for humanity, but something that sets into motion forces of love, acceptance and humility within you.
There can be no other experience like leading a DFK that shows you how you are a part of a bigger picture, but such an integral part.
I was constantly reminded that I was doing something ANYONE could do, but what was important was that I was there, doing it. And isn’t that what life is all about?
We all have roles that could possibly be played by some other, but as destiny would have it, it is us playing that role. It isn’t about throwing your hands up in the air and proclaiming that there is nothing special about it, that someone else could have done it better, or about getting overwhelmed by how so many other are doing it just as well, if not better.
To me, it’s been about humbling myself enough to accept that while it may not have been my outstanding qualities that got me where I was, I could give it my all and prove that I could do something to make a difference, I could be someone worth it, I could be an important ripple in a sea of kindness. A ripple that is here because a lot of others passed it on, and one that will jump and shake and pass it on to the next person.
Bangalore danced for kindness in 2016, and I guess it’s safe to say that some lives will never be the same again after! =)”
Soumya John (DFK Bangalore 2016 Group Leader)