Special Thanks To…


In Sequins Dancers
SPEC Dancers
Brooks Junior High Glee Club Dancers
Ken Taylor with Creative Screens
Brooks Junior High School
The Steaming Cup
Brooks Industrial Metals

DFK2016 Team:
Group Leaders – Tracy Oliver and Kiya Oliver
Tracey Materi
Carol Gil
Zia Aziz
Kaleesha Howson

Lead Dancers:
Kaleesha Howson
Lacey Deunk

Innovation Studios

Jazlyn Oliver
Robin Oliver

Rehearsal Instructors:
Jose David Galdamez
Kaleesha Howson

Brooks DFK2016 Sponsors:
Innovation Studios
In Sequins
Investor’s Group
Frontier Signworks
Red Roof Studio


Event Testimonials

How the event impacted us!


Life Vest Inside and Dance For Kindness have affected me greatly. They’re great people who will do anything for the love of kindness. I’ve met so many kind people I never knew about, great people! So thank you.
~ Kiya Oliver – DFK2016 Brooks Group Co-Leader

Dance for Kindness was a fantastic event for the Community of Brooks. I enjoyed being part of this event, since sharing kindness with others is an important aspect of our life. Being able to make a positive difference to somebody through friendship, smile, and of course dancing together and expressing an act of kindness. I hope next year more people will be joining this activity, thanks.
~ Carol Gil

I greatly admire the founder of Life Vest Inside, Orly Wahba. She has sparked enthusiasm in me to do more and be better!! Since I was a small child, I’ve always thrived on being kind and compassionate to others! It brings me great joy when I am kind, considerate, and loving to others. It’s so rewarding to brighten someone else’s day, whether it’s a smile to a stranger, a favour for a neighbours, serving family members, or supporting friends!! Life Vest Inside has opened the door of opportunity for thousands around the globe to help brighten a world that is often inundated with so much hurt and suffering. Participating in DFK made me feel like I was universally contributing to making our world a better place, uniting with others I don’t even know from every corner of the world! I’m already looking forward to next years DFK
~ Tracey Materi

Orly Wahba and the community she has built at Life Vest Inside has been a continual source of inspiration, courage to do more, and ongoing source of support for me since I found LVI and joined as a Kindness Ambassador. I am so grateful for the opportunity to bring Dance For Kindness to our city. It has been an amazing experience, from sharing ideas and inspirations with other DFK Group Leaders, to spreading the message of LVI and DFK to people and organizations here in our community, to working with all of the volunteers and dancers in coordinating DFK2016. Dancing and celebrating kindness with everyone on World Kindness Day was amazing, the love in the air was palpable and everyone had so much fun! I look forward to continuing spreading kindness and the message of LVI.
~ Tracy Oliver – DFK2016 Group Co-Leader