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“Enter the scene: Flint, MI the 2nd worst midsized city to live in this nation, the 2nd highest crime and violence city, and the 2nd poorest city in the USA and thousands affected by this years Dance For Kindness.

As we gathered under the banner of kindness through rehearsal, internet connections, and one on one changes doing what was meant to do and rippling out to make mindsets in this town change from violence to kindness. We are a city on a hill, we will shine with kindness in our souls and unite by taking back the land that negative forces have attempted to control.

This event impacted so many that even the Mott Community College asked me to represent Life Vest Inside to do a campus kindness day on November 9th. Between the two events eyes were opened to a new world, one that was gray now are seeing signs of hope in this land throught the impact of the dance and our awesome AOK cards flying around this town.

God’s hand, God’s land and we will together through kindness make a stand.”
— Group Leader