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“This was my second year being involved in Dance For Kindness and I have to say this year was even more epic!  The fact that I had the opportunity, once again, to reach a community with joy and kindness and share that on a world wide level, blows my mind.  It has left me with an overwhelming feeling of gratitude, appreciation and genuine happiness.  Seeing groups of people I knew, mixed with some I didn’t, coming together for the common goal of spreading kindness positive energy was (and still is) remarkably moving!  It shows regardless of what town you live in, what dance studio you go to or what special group you belong to, we can come together for a common goal.  I can’t imagine the pride and joy Orly must be feeling knowing she started this World Wide event in 2012.    Kindness and Dance show no color, race, religion, gender, sexual orientation or anything else that may separate us.  It was great sharing this in the small town of Lafayette, CA.”

— Justin Cole (Group Leader)