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Special Thanks To…


Mr. & Mrs. Demetrio Jr. and Victoria Grace Leyson Beroña

Mr. & Mrs. Eduardo and Hermilania Leyson

Orly Wahba

Ms. Marivi Chiu Lim

Ms. Mutya Egloria

Mr. Rodel Carbon

Ms. Maveronica Guisihan

Ms. Paula Tapucar

General Santos City Special Education Integrated School faculty and students

Tamban National Highshool Students and Faculty

Indegenous Students of Nagpan, Saranggani

Hearing Impaired Students of GSC SPED IS

Veranza Mall Marketing Department



Event Testimonials

How the event impacted us!


“Being a part of such a magnificent event is indeed life changing. It has brought together so many people who strongly believe in what kindness can do for us as a whole…despite how small the act is. It amazes me how we could inspire so many more to hold on to the greatness of KINDNESS….. TOGETHER and going beyond any boundary. Thank you Life Vest Inside for inspiring me to share this with everybody!!!”
— Helen Grace Leyson Beroña, Group Leader

“It’s the second time around where kindness will affect again. Im happy for being a part of it. Also, spreading kindness is making my heart overwhelm because of people who also wants to join and do kindness to other people.”
— Paula Tapucar, General Santos City

“Fun Happy Successful Dance for Kindness!”
— Metchell Abellanosa, General Santos City

“A life changing experience for all of us. It gave us more color, so vivid that we are so amazed and humbled in bringing our different learners,together in this. Diverse as we are, through DFK ,our spirits are ignited to do more and to show kindness even in our simple ways midst of our cultural diversity, and Exceptionalities”
— Marivi Chiu Lim, General Santos City