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Gabby Cardey

Josiah Dyer

Bryce Phillipson

Gavin Manson

Keri & Ryan Topperwien

Chloe Davis-Apaapa

Sarah Alexander

Mary Stewart

Nikki Reynolds-Wilson

Jan Green

Adrienne Leech

Adele, Josie & Camryn Carter

Freyja Medeis

Babara West

Joshua Morton

Donna Cain

Teja Pirnat

Jazmin Albornoz


Event Testimonials

How the event impacted us!


What does Kindness mean to me? All I remember is having a big smile on my face during the dance! Kindness is a Beautiful celebration of being me, being yourself and sharing your Kindness with others! Kindness is magical when we accept ourselves! You don’t need to fit in, Just have the Courage to be Yourself! My four year old son always reminds me to ‘Be Brave’ ‘Just be Yourself’! and I always say to him, did you cheer someone up today” ‘Did you see someone feeling left out and help them Join In! We are all important! Kindness Matters! Life Vest Inside and DFK celebrates this and I LOVED being a part of an amazing world wide changing event! I felt so connected to Kindness all over the world! I felt more connected to the world, bringing me closer no matter what religion, race or culture!

It was SO amazing to connect with new people and to take part in changing the world with so many people all for such a good cause!”
— Teaarani Dyer