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Thanks for making it all happen!



Special Thanks To…



Simone Blaak

Co Group-Leader

Jarne Valk

Kindness Mission Leaders

Kimbly Bolder, Moniek van Haeren, Ioana Vatamanu, Marijn de Vries, Hugo Roos, Sharon Kesseler, Mariël Reijers, Susi Erhardt


Ioana Vatamanu, Lisanne Smit, Mariël Reijers, Kimbly Bolder, Jurre van Breugel, Sharon Kesseler, Moniek van Haeren, Romy van der Linde, Inge Besselink, Hugo Roos, Paméla Bolder, Anna Zalavári, Susi Ehrhardt, Ana-Christina Peter, Monic Bakker, Veronika Cmielova, Marlen Lorenz, Ernestine van der Griendt, Sylvana Bolder, Christiaan Brons, Paula Palacios, Jeroen Jansen, Bram van Gils, Ivo Hafner, Bas Douma, Karolina Scigala


Momchil Vasilev:

Gowthaman Sivaraj:


Henck Pengel (Doglah Media Design):

Pim Stevens

Rick van Elk

Stephan Kuijpers

Ivo Hafner


Pim Stevens, Rick van Elk


Jesse Bartels

Care & Safety

Camiel van Loon, René Blaak, Miranda Blaak, Ciska Blaak

And last but not least…

Bloemsierkunstzaak Sjaak Reesink, Café Daen, Gemeente Nijmegen

Nijmegen 1 ‘Bezoekt’: Wouter de Vries and Rick van Elk

& all the spectators and participants of the FreezeMob and the people who have made beautiful pictures! YOU WERE AWESOME!

And especially the whole Life Vest Inside team with the most important person: ORLY WAHBA!

Thank you for all guys. Without you it wasn’t possible! SEE YOU NEXT YEAR!


Event Testimonials

How the event impacted us!


“It was so nice organizing DFK. Working with LVI was a big succes.  It was a lot of work, but I did it with pleasure and it gived me a lot of energy. Next year i will definitly do it all over again! That day it self,  everyone was smiling, purely enjoying the event , you could realy feel the good energy and love. I’m so glad i’ve taken part of it!!!!”
— Simone Blaak

“So much love!”
— Miranda Blaak

“There was a very good atmosphere in the group. I really had fun!”
— Sharon Kesseler

“I liked the vibe of our event. I had a lot of fun and I enjoyed the Kindness Mission as long as our freezemob/flashmob that went really well! Thank you Simone for making me part of this! You are great!!!”
— Ioana Vatamanu

“The togetherness and the smiling faces of the participants and spectators were wonderful! I was purely enjoying the event!”
— Jarne Valk

It was awesome! Nice cooperation, on the day itself everything was arranged.
– Hugo Roos

The kindness mission was GREAT and the extra effects were amazing, like the helium balloons with AOK cards, sticks with ribbons. Awesome!
– Ernestine van der Griendt

Simone! You’ve done it! It was awesome!
– Mariel Reijers