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Tracy Chan @ K&T Dance Academy

Zoe Tan @ Dance99

Jamie Yup @ Queensbay Mall

Ilvan @ Apollo Vista

Vijendra @ Vaishvarn Pro Cinematography

Sharveenesh @ SweetMoment Photography

Samson @ Samson Ebenezar Photography

Naavin @ Naavin`s Sound system

Life Vest Inside Kindness Ambassadors

Terese @ DFK2015 Group Leader, Red Bank, USA

DFK2015 Group Leaders around the Globe

Charles Preston @ DFK2015 Freezemob song

Yaakov Feldstein @ DFK2015 Flashmob song

Anthony Giorgio @ DFK2015 dance choreographer

Orly Wahba  @ CEO & Founder at Life Vest Inside


Event Testimonials

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“Last year, I came across Kindness Boomerang video, which lead me to Life Vest Inside (LVI). Wanted to participate in Dance for Kindness (DFK) 2014, unfortunately none organized here in Malaysia. I joined as Life Vest Inside`s Kindness Ambassador in June 2015. That was the beginning of my new path with kindness or should I say I`ve found my extended family members around the globe. Though, I never organized any event before, Dance for Kindness is very special and it`s worth stepping out of comfort zones. So, I volunteered to become group leader for DFK2015 in Penang, Malaysia. Of course I was nervous at the beginning but Orly has given full guidance and created a beautiful space to be in touch with all the group leaders around the globe. One step at a time and we are going to reach there eventually.

Few months ago, Lagunesvary was a reserved and crowd feared person. It`s more like, impossible for me to stand in front of 10 people and deliver what`s on my mind. Some are luckily born leaders but I should say LVI and DFK2015 has built me to be a better person and a leader. The objective of DFK and the thirst in spreading kindness are what pushed me to step up and to live for what I`m passionate about. I often remind myself, be the person you want others to be. We can`t wait for some else to do it for us, it`s time to buckle up and get dirty. Orly Wahba, our bold and beautiful founder of LVI is my idol. She is the real meaning of my favorite quote. She`s showing me/us how things should be done.

The society she has created here with only identity of being kind. The beautiful souls we have in Life Vest Inside and Dance For Kindness are beyond anyone`s imagination. It will make you realize distance is only matter of eye sight. Though we far away in meters but we are all super close in thoughts and emotions. I should say, their presence is which made me to be whoever I am today. They have given me all the energy I needed to run forward in building myself and succeed this amazing event. I can obviously realize how much I`ve grown as a person and how much DFK2015 has brought into my life.

Yes, it is not an easy job but I enjoyed every second of it. Sharing our ups and downs and having someone we`ve never met before from other side of earth companying us, it`s a priceless memory we can ever store. The moments on 8 November 2015 @ 1pm; it`s still fresh as just like yesterday and I`m sure, I`m going to cherish it forever. Realizing all the hardship has brought huge smiles, joyful moments and initiated lots of kindness chains, feeling worthy and satisfying. This is just the beginning and it`s going to keep growing.

I’m glad and thankful to Orly, my LVIKA family members, fellow DFK2015 Group Leader, my family & friends (whoever stands with me, sending big love and also for those who stand against me, you have made me stronger) and of course my beloved Dato Sri Guruji and Datin Sri Amma for all the blessings and guidance; whoever I am today, it`s all because of you. Thank you so much for everything and a very special thanks to all the participants who has made Dance For Kindness 2015 extra special and magical in their own way.

Let`s continue to speak Kindness language, the only language that can unite us all and embrace the light within and share it with others.

I’m HOME.”