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“Best things in life are unexpected. Best things in life accidental.

Just like Dance for Kindness.

I had a lucky chance to come across a wonderful person, Orly, online. We discovered we had common interest and goals. It was then that she introduced Life Vest Inside and the idea for DFK2015. This idea was so positive and infectious that it possessed me. After a few conversations with Orly and exchange of mails, I was the group leader for Dance for Kindness, New Delhi!

I set out along with a small group of friends to organise this world-wide event. Late night sessions over coffee, infinite number of mails and numerous calls started bearing fruits. Chasing bureaucracy, crossing red-tapes for location permit, event permit, vehicle entry permit, getting sponsors on board, attending to volunteers, practice sessions, t-shirts, flex, standees…the list never ends. But I am glad that I was able to pull off everything smoothly till the last day.

You never know what can go wrong in an event. I faced unprecedented and uninformed adversities which almost lead to the cancellation of the event. I got to know a day before the event that our venue, the heart of the city, was shut down due to local socio-political reasons. Frantic hours spent on the call to various authorities in police and administration bore no fruit. I was disheartened and broken with this turn of events. With a heavy heart I had to change our venue a few miles away. But what happened next was totally unexpected! Messages and calls from volunteers and friends started pouring in. Messages, supporting me and the event went viral on social media and the WhatsApp group. I have never been so touched before with such a kind gesture. That moment, I realised what the power of Kindness was. Wiping away sorrow, with a renewed energy, I set about with the event. What happened next is before everyone to see. The dance was a big success. The message of kindness had spread. Our aim of a kinder world manifested.

In this endeavour of mine, I would like to convey my heart-felt thanks to all my friends, volunteers, organisers and dancers. You guys are the best! You rock!”
– Abhishek Saini, Group Leader New Delhi, India