Special Thanks To…


Orly Wahba

Soumya John

Aastha Dugar

Shruti Kumar

Manish Nair

Samyuktha Manogaran

Jaswinder Singh


Boney M Thomas

Gaurav Goenka


Event Testimonials

How the event impacted us!


“Organizing onwards, till the conclusion of the event, it has been a marvellous journey. The kind that has your spirits high, the adrenaline pumping and your heart racing! Obviously DFK Bangalore 2015 is not just my success story. A bunch of wonderful people need to be given credit for it. And that’s precisely why this event felt all the more meaningful – the human connections made were simply remarkable. You’d be surprised to see the kind of people that come out in support of the cause simply when you ask. The planning of DFK really is something every individual must experience. It is a lot of work no doubt, but it’s also a beautiful medley of some warm feelings. 

Thank you Orly, Life Vest Inside, and Goodwill Tribe Bangalore for making this the best thing I have done in my life!”
— Nisha Ravi