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Event Testimonials

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“Providing students with a concrete forum to discuss kindness, spread the word among our community and feel empowered to make a difference is exactly what is needed if we are to create a more just and kind world. The Dance for Kindness accomplished just this and has impacted our community on several levels. I hope we can continue participating in the event well into the future.”
— Jeffrey Michael Jurkovac, PAS Superintendent

“This year’s Dance for Kindness was one of the most amazing opportunities for me, not only as an individual, but also as an educator.  I truly believe kindness can change the world and participating in this worldwide dance was an unforgettable event.  It was such a gift to be able to connect with new people and take part in such a special event, full of positive energy and love!”
Tracy Andersen, PAS Grade 5 Teacher & Group Leader

“”Dance for Kindness. Dance for peace. Nous sommes Paris.”
Vanessa de Marchi, Grade 5 Parent

“Dance for Kindness is such a simple idea, but it had such dynamic results. The energy and genuine enthusiasm for the dance was clearly felt around the school, and gained momentum as we got closer to November 8. The day itself was beyond anything I could have imagined – it didn’t matter that it was hot and everyone was sweating, they were there to spread the message of kindness. Starting with their parents. Many of the parents, as they entered the doors, were dressed in bright orange and yellow, but kept saying they were only there to support their child. By the end of the first rehearsal, many people had caught the “kindness bug” and were on their feet learning the dance so they would be able to join in. It is just proof that one small action can change the world.”
— Kristen Struble, PAS Grade 4 Teacher