Special Thanks To…


Anabela Freitas

Anderson Souza

Débora Silveira

Dheison Guimarães

Emilly Rocha

Gabriela Ferreira

João Marcelo Callado

Larissa Cristine

Laura Lima

Leandro Matos

Maria Heloisa Souto

Mariani Rocha

Murilo Lima

Raiza Silva

Ray Sousa

Samanta Bordallo

Samya Bordallo

Sandra Pereira

Sandra Souza

Stephany Quaresma

Thales Quaresma


Event Testimonials

How the event impacted us!


“The DFK2015 was AMAZING!!! I met new people in my city and in the whole world!! It was wonderful to be part of such a great event and a noble cause!! All this has changed my life in an incredibly good way and I intend to take it for life!!! Thank you for this unforgettable opportunity !!!”
— Group Leader

“This event reaffirmed what I like to do, breaking inside me any kind of prejudice against age, color, race, creed. Long live freedom of expression!!!”
— Dheison Guimarães

“The DFK for me was something WONDERFUL, made me see how important it is to be kind to people you’ve never met, and in a world so full of war and hatred, DFK taught me that love and kindness are the best remedies for a better world!”
— Laura Lima

“A small big event, which brings together thousands of people around the world for one purpose: to generate goodness in people’s hearts. That greatly moved to my heart as there are still small groups that want the best in the world. Dance for Kindness was one of the best days of my life and I hope to participate again next year so we can again make a difference in the world!”
–  João Marcelo Callado

“The DFK was an unforgettable event! That flutter at the time, afraid of what people would think of us, came to mess with me. However, our greatest cause made me lose this shame. The event was very good and I think it made me a better person, made me rethink some acts and practice more and more acts of kindness, whether grand or simple!
– Gabriela Ferreira