Special Thanks To…


Fabian Mondal

Albinus Tudu

Nipa Aunty

Habil Lakra

Sara Mondal


Event Testimonials

How the event impacted us!


“This year’s event is really Awesome. I want to do it every year. i feel so proud to take part in changing the world with so many People. I have too many things to talk and share about kindness. Live vest inside (Dance for kindness) give me the chance to speak. Many many THANKS to my all lovely,awesome,super DFK Group Leaders. I love you all from my heart.”
– Daniel Mondal

“Life is so short. We do not have much time. let’s do something for changing the world. No more fights, no more hate, only love. We have learn the language of love, of kindness. GOD bless you Orly and LIVE VEST INSIDE. My pray always with you all.”
– Fabian Mondal

“This event is really super amazing. We should do it every year. This type of event effect on young people. After watching the event now i believe that Change is possible with love and kindness.”
– Albinus Tudu

“Now days people are very selfish, they just think about their ownself.   I think we should think for other also, bible Say”don’t worry about what you wear, what you eat, look at the bird they don’t need to store food, but get their daily food, or you are human and GOD love you so much. You just think about GOD or work for him.”
– Sara Mondal