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Kings Park and Botanic Garden

Dan and Lauren Underhill

Jane Murray and the Year 9 and Year 11 Dancers

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Event Testimonials

How the event impacted us!


“It was a pleasure being involved in Dance for Kindness 2015, and working amongst the dedicated team at Life Vest Inside. Witnessing the enormous positive impact and emotions brought about by Dance for Kindness within our whole school community has been incredible. Perth College can’t wait to be involved in Dance for Kindness next year, and for many years to come.”
– Deb Perich, Dance for Kindness 2015 Group Leader and InsideOut Director, Perth College

“There have been many special moments in my teaching career but one of the greatest highlights during my time as Principal at Perth College was being involved in Dance for Kindness. I was moved to tears by the girls’ performance – it was absolutely magical and showed a real bond between the younger and older students that was lovely to witness. The relationships these girls formed during just a few short rehearsals really prove what a strong and close School community we have.”
– Jenny Ethell, Principal, Perth College

“I was so proud to see how invested the Kindy girls and the dancers from Years 9 and 11 became in this event. They truly understood the reasons for getting involved and the messages that Dance for Kindness promotes. It was a fabulous way to unite students of varying ages as well as staff who don’t normally work together. Personally, I found it very moving and emotional, and I’m so glad I was part of it.”
– Lauren Underhill, Communications Manager, Perth College

“Working with Life Vest Inside and being part of Dance for Kindness was a great experience as it brought the community closer and showed how dance can bring out happiness in the most simple way. For us at Perth College, I think it definitely allowed us to connect with the younger girls and was a great learning experience for all of us. The planning was well organised and the tutorials made learning the dance routine easy, even for the little girls. Overall the flashmob was a unique and heart warming experience that I was glad to be a part of.”
– Serena, Perth College Dance Vice Captain

“I gained so much from the experience and loved every second of it! I believe that it really embodied the meaning of dance at the core; to bring joy and bring people together. Not only did I enjoy seeing the smiles on the faces of the public, but it was great to see the smiles on all the girls participating, as we were united through the power of dance.”
– Katelyn, Perth College Dance Captain

“I had to be brave because it was my first time with the big girls and the second time no crying. Benita helped me to stop crying because she gave me a hug and I felt loved.”
– Genevieve, Kindergarten

“I loved it because it was special.”
– Molly, Kindergarten

“I loved it because I just loved being in front of all the people.”
– Zara, Kindergarten

“I loved going in the park and dancing and waving the flag. It was my favourite.”
-Sasha, Kindergarten