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Event Testimonials

How the event impacted us!


“This year’s event was so much fun. It was a unique and special opportunity to come together with so many different people from our community, to dance united under the banner of kindness.
— Jodie Yamada, Group Leader

“We had such a great time and even though we are only teenagers, we were excited to take on the role as the group’s dance leaders.  It was a wonderful experience and great confidence booster for us.”
— Ally, Kacey and Alisa; Dance Leaders

“Despite the cloudy weather, we danced and had a fantastic time sharing loving and happy energy with everyone there. After the dance, I stuck post-it notes saying “LOVE, PEACE & KINDNESS”, “LOVE IS ALL AROUND”, “SMILE & BE HAPPY” etc on parked cars, café tables etc.  This simple gesture put a smile on many faces! 

This was my first time to take part in something like this and I am very happy and proud to be a part of this positive and loving event to spread “Love and Kindness” throughout the world.
— Hiromi, Dance Participant