Our Regional Sponsors

Thanks for making it all happen!



Special Thanks To…


John White

Our superstar sponsor, supporter and sound man!

Caitlin & Jordan Lomax

Videographer extraordinaires!


@ Vision Xtra Photography & Pals!

Our wonderful photography team!

DJ Warehouse

For their generous slashed price speakers!

The White Horse

For their generous donation of a perfect rehearsal space

Emma & Sophie

For their superstar dance leadership

Maree Long

For literally wowing us with your enthusiasm and your commitment to the event… The streamers were amazing!

Anthony Ward

Our superstar little dancer… It was a pleasure!


Event Testimonials

How the event impacted us!


“Sydney DFK was more spectacular than we could ever have imagined! Bringing together a bunch of incredible people to dance under the banner of kindness was a privilege and seeing people’s response in the crowd was amazing! What’s more, seeing the same joy shared across tonnes of locations around the world was a mind boggling wonder, and so touching!”
— Kirsty Stubbs, Group Leader

“I was met with warm big smiles from an enthusiastic eclectic melting pot of cultures of young people from all walks of life, coming together for one purpose….To simply share a kindness experience with no other agenda, no strings attached. So contagious was this experience we were introduced to the DFK movement and now, finally, I was able to cross off my bucket list a freeze/flash mob. We danced, sang, laughed ate together.  Age was no barrier.  New friendships were made.”
– Maree Long, Dancer extraordinaire!

“What an incredible unique event to be part of and the cause couldn’t be greater. I met some wonderful people from all over the world and it is certainly a memory I will treasure for life.”
– Karen Rowley, Dancer extraordinaire!