What is a Charity Partner?

Gifting it Forward


As a non profit organization, Life Vest Inside understands the importance of supporting those who are giving back in their own unique and significant way. In 2015, Life Vest Inside initiated a give back program through our annual worldwide Dance for Kindness event.

Each year, LVI will select a charity that embodies kindness as our Charity Partner. As a Charity Partner, LVI gifts 10% of all proceeds collected through Dance for Kindness. In our first year, LVI gifted a grant of $10,000 to the Pay it Forward Foundation. This year we are excited to partner with Big Brothers Big Sisters of NYC and commend the amazing impact they make on the lives of children.




What is Big Brothers Big Sisters of NYC?

A message from BBBS of NYC founder


As the founder of the nation’s youth mentoring movement, Big Brothers Big Sisters of NYC (BBBS of NYC) has served the changing needs of New York City’s youth since 1904.

In their community-based programs, mentors and mentees plan and participate in activities that introduce youth to new experiences and the possibilities that exist beyond their current circumstances and immediate neighborhoods.

In their site-based programs, corporate partners mentor and develop a group of high school students on workplace and professional skill-set building – critical skills youth need today but to which, often times, they do not have access.

To further help children realize their full potential, BBBS of NYC’s Education Initiative provides the resources and support needed for academic success that include tutoring, comprehensive college-readiness workshops, SAT and ACT prep courses, and college tours.


Q&A with BBBS

Getting to Know Our Partner


Why is kindness so vital in today’s world?
The power of a kind gesture has a positive ripple effect far beyond the act itself. We know this to be true in mentoring, as well. Our volunteer mentors and their mentees are living examples of the power of kindness and the power of mentoring. Both have the ability to change lives for the better.

Why BBBS has decided to come on board as a Charity Partner?
An activity to raise awareness of the power of kindness and the power of mentoring is a natural fit for our two organizations. BBBS of NYC is thrilled to be a part of this heartwarming event that our mentoring matches can also participate in and join the fun!

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