• Celebrate World Kindness Day by representing your city through song and dance!
  • Kick off World Kindness Week with Life Vest Inside
  • Join thousands around the globe and take part in the largest FreezeMob/FlashMob happening on the same, to the same song and the same dance all under the banner of kindness.
  • Celebrate our differences and recognize that kindness is the common thread that unites us all

Last year’s event took place in over 100 cities, spanning across 50 countries with over 12K participants.

Now is YOUR chance to take part and make DFK2016 even bigger yet!

What Participants Say


hoda kotb

I had the honor of joining DFK in Times Square along with thousands of others around the world to spread the message and get the world to dance. It was an extraordinary day!

– Hoda Kotb, The Today Show, NBC

peter scolari

My friend, Orly Wahba, created a worldwide movement of understanding, compassion and universal participation in one of the most spectacular demonstrations of unity and expression that this generation has ever seen.

– Peter Scolari, Actor


How often do you dance with thousands of people blasting kindness across the board! It’s the most beautiful and intense event and experience anyone can attach themselves to.

– Anthony Giorgio, Head Choreographer


Kirsty Stubbs

Bringing together a bunch of incredible people to dance under the banner of kindness was a privilege and seeing people’s response in the crowd was amazing!

Group Leader, Sydney, Australia

Kristen Struble

By the end of the first rehearsal, many people had caught the “kindness bug” and were on their feet learning the dance so they would be able to join in. It is just proof that one small action can change the world.

PAS Grade 4 Teacher Porto alto Brazil

MaLu Dabu

This was a great reminder that random strangers CAN come together for the simple purpose of SPREADING COMPASSION around the world; and to do it through dance- EVEN BETTER!

Group Leader, Nashville

Jenny Ethell

One of the greatest highlights during my time as Principal at Perth College was being involved in Dance for Kindness. I was moved to tears by the girls’ performance – it was absolutely magical and showed a real bond between the younger and older students that was lovely to witness.

Principal, Perth College, Australia

Maree Long

I was met with warm big smiles from an enthusiastic eclectic melting pot of cultures of young people from all walks of life, coming together for one purpose… To simply share a kindness experience with no other agenda, no strings attached.

Dancer extraordinaire!

Helen Grace

It amazes me how we could inspire so many more to hold on to the greatness of KINDNESS….. TOGETHER and going beyond any boundary.

Group Leader, Philippines

Annie Lulu

We united with thousands of like minded people all over the globe. Together we can outbalance terror and fear…when we come and act from our heart, we can change the world.

Group Leader, Thailand

Timur Boskin

There were amazing little stories behind the Event, the stories of Commitment, Support and Kindness.

Participant, Kazakhstan